Work in Progress

My Work in Progress

  • My First Book: Miss Galactica
  • Movie Screenplay: Upcoming New TV Show
  • Writing Scripts for Video Game Scenario

Science Fiction world is a huge, and pretty well exciting. I really do enjoy creating characters, who are space heroes. Who secretly doesn’t admire that,right? Image to have your own spaceship, traveling from one universe to another, maybe meet Darth Vader, or I don’t know have a vacation in Asgard. But guess what, you can all that experience in reading books, watching the best movies or playing the ultimate games.

So, I am still working on my book, trying to discover my alter ego in the space. Miss Galactica would be your travel guide across the universe, presenting the life there,technology and normally her romance. Meanwhile I am working on developing the next best TV show and video games.

I must admit,that working on video games is my favorite part of the job. I am amazed what these guys can develop, such an amazing graphics and building this virtual world, surreal that you will wish you were living in the game.

Till then you can check out my personal selection of all time Science Fiction video games and enjoy playing free.