Learn How to Break in Your Jeans the Right Way #YahooStyle

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I have recently decided to have my own No Wash Challenge with my jeans as part of my challenge to myself to get my house neater and more organized in 2015.  I want to do something this year that I have never done before.   That is right.  I will no longer be washing my jeans.  What??!!??  I have been doing a lot of reading lately about how we are not supposed to wash our jeans.

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That’s right!  Did you know that you are not supposed to wash your jeans?  Seriously you are never supposed to run your jeans through the washing machine!!  Many people freak out when they learn this and I will admit that I was a little shocked to learn about this as well.

Levi’s brand announced earlier this year that you are not supposed to wash your jeans and there were posts everywhere.  Social media exploded with people questioning who did or did not was their jeans.

In one great Yahoo! article entitled “#StyleHack How to Break in Your Jeans the Right Way” there is a lot of information that explains to you why the denim has been woven as a material that needs to be broken down.  The best way to break down denim is with a little bit of natural dirt and not washing in a machine.  Actually if you wash your jeans you are going to lose the look that you want and end up with a flat denim look.

Basically the little particles of dirt are what is going to break down the material.  So to make sure that you avoid having that flat looking denim that you hate, you are going to have to stop washing your jeans.  Plus washing them is also going to make the fabric seize up which is why so many times your jeans are uncomfortable or stiff after having been washed.

Now, I know what you are thinking…am I going to stink if I do not wash my jeans?  No, there are actually a few different ways that you can keep your denim smelling fresh without ruining the natural fade and whiskering that you desire.

**Freeze Your Jeans — Freezing your jeans overnight will kill the bacteria that cause them to smell.  All you have to do is throw them into the freezer.

**Spray with Vodka — All you need to do is put some vodka into a spray bottle and spray your jeans.  Then lay them out where they can dry on their own.

**Just Use the Dryer — Some people want that more fitted feeling that they get after their jeans have been washed.  If you want that feeling, just throw your jeans into the dryer for a short (20 minute) cycle.

So basically you can really get the amazing denim looks that you desire just by deciding to quit washing your jeans.

So I am going to be taking the no wash challenge and will be sharing my journey with you in the coming months.  Plus you never know how great my jeans might end up looking now that I have accepted the challenge.

I’m also excited about a few of the great things that I have been able to find through the Yahoo! gift guide for neat freaks.  This is helping me find great things that are going to help me reach my new goal to do all things better in 2015.

One of the biggest problems in my house is keeping the bathroom counters cleaned.  Seriously they are always covered in toothpaste!!�� If you are trying to be neater this year then I think that the Milano Toothpaste Squeezer ($205) is something that you MUST have.  I love that it stands on its own and that it would help me to keep everyone from squeezing the tube in the wrong place and spilling toothpaste all over my bathroom counters.

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Another huge issue that I have is trying to keep our floors cleaned.  It does not fail they are always looking terrible even right after I have swept and mopped.  Since I am the mom of four crazy kids I think that they each need their own dust mop slippers ($3 per pair) to help clean our floors that seem like they cannot stay clean!

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Finally I always thinks that our furniture looks scummy and dingy.  I clean it but for some reason it seems that just my children sitting on it seem to make it look like it needs to be cleaned again.  For anyone that has been seated on our furniture you will know why the Murchison-Hume Everyday Furniture & Upholstery Cleaner ($9 per bottle) is going on my shopping list.  I can’t wait to see if it can really make my couch look new like it claims.

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Thank you Yahoo! for sponsoring this post.  While this was a sponsored opportunity from Yahoo! all content and opinions expressed are my own.

Double Your Savings When You Buy Gift Cards At Kroger! #Kr2xdip {Plus Giveaway!}

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Tatu Digital Media and a campaign for Sverve. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

Yeah, I’m a Black Friday fanatic. Note that I said Black “Friday.” I don’t do Thursday. In fact I blatantly boycott stores that are open on Thursday. But at the same time I am on a budget. That doesn’t mean I go cheap, it just means I go with a very firm limit on what I am going to spend. There are two ways I do that: Cash and gift cards. My credit cards and debit card stay at home on Black Friday, under lock and key.

So my strategy is simple. I pick up the Sunday paper and scour the online Black Friday sites. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around and the paper comes out with the Black Friday ads, I’m already set. You know why? Because I went to the bank on Wednesday for my cash. And on the way home I stopped by Kroger and stocked up on a whole lot of gift cards along with my last minute Thanksgiving dinner items. Then I immediately pull my debit card out of my wallet and put it up in the cabinet.  So I’ll be stocking up on Gift Cards for stores that are closed on Thanksgiving and doing my Black Friday shopping on Black Friday. Look out Home Depot, REI, Barnes and Noble and Marshall’s. I’m coming for you.

This Black Friday, in addition to using my gift cards like cash, I’ll be able to save even more. Want to know how? Right now at Kroger, you can double your savings by earning 4x fuel rewards and extra credit card rewards (if that is your thing) when you buy gift cards.


Fuel Offer: Now through December 6, 2014, get 40 cents off per gallon when you spend $100 on gift cards. ALL gift cards are included in this offer with the exception of Visa variable, MasterCard variable, and American Express variable gift cards. Any other “variable” gift cards are included and you can add any amount that you want up to $500!

This is handy dandy and useful even if you don’t use your credit card!

Earn Credit Card Rewards: Use your favorite rewards credit card to purchase gift cards. This will allow you to earn points and miles or a percentage back on your purchase. Some credit cards even offer increased rewards for purchases made at grocery stores!

Now, if you will humor me, a little math. Feel free to skip this part if the percentage breakdown game isn’t your thing!

Right now you can save 15% when you purchase $100 in participating gift cards:

$6 Off Fuel: Anytime you buy a $100 gift card you will earn $0.40/gallon of gas. That is $6 in savings for a 15 gallon tank.

$3 Back: If you earn 3% on grocery purchases through your credit cards rewards program you will get $3 back!

For additional details, head to Kroger near you!


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5 Tips for Buying Pearl Earrings

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Whether you’re searching for an eye-popping accessory or just upgrading your jewelry collection at home, you’ll want to make sure that your pearl earrings are of the highest quality. Here are just five tips for selecting a pair that’s gorgeous and durable.

Kozzi-a-mature-couple-on-the-sofa-talking--883 X 5885 Tips for Buying Pearl Earrings

1: Examine Its Surface

The best pearls are unblemished and smooth to the touch. Note that different pearls come in different shapes, so you shouldn’t judge, say, a Tahitian pearl for baroque-style asymmetry. Look instead for cracks, chips or scratches that visibly mar the pearl’s surface. For premium pearls, you can also insist on magnification to make sure there are no imperfections invisible to the eye, either.

2: Look for Quality Certification

AAA quality is one of the highest certifications in fine jewelry, though you can also go a few rungs lower for more affordable prices without sacrificing too much quality. Just don’t waste your time with anything below AA+ certification. Let AA+ be your cutoff when dealing with pearls.

3: Consider Color

Despite the popularity of the small white Akoya pearl, they actually come in a variety of colors. For example, the most famous type of South Sea pearl is the golden pearl, and Tahitian pearls can be everything from blue to black. Don’t limit your options based on what you think a pearl should look like. Explore all shades and shines for a pair of earrings that will make a statement everywhere you go.

4: Think About The Back

How do the earrings fasten at the back? Is there a hooking or latching mechanism? What kind of material is it made from, and what certification is it? Earring backs can differ wildly depending on the weight and style of the pearl, but if you like one kind above all others, you might be able to custom-order your chosen earrings with your favorite back.

5: Pick Your Extras

Unless they’re simple studs, many pearl earrings come with additional features like diamonds or semi-precious stones inlaid around the pearl. They might also be made out of 14-24K gold depending on the brand. When buying earrings with these extras, think about the cut, quality and longevity of both the gems and the pearls themselves.

These are just five tips for buying a great pair of pearl earrings. Visit sites like National Pearl (NationalPearl.com/Pearl-Earrings) for more options, including other branches of pearl jewelry that include necklaces, bracelets and pendants.

Dress First Has Affordable Dresses For Any Event!

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Who’s ready to bring in the New Year?  I’m beside myself I cannot believe it’s already going to be 2014!  Where does the time go, it’s almost time to get dressed up and bring in the New Year!  Out with the old, and in with the new.  My husband and I don’t really go out partying for New Years, but we always go somewhere to celebrate.  We don’t drink, because we drive home, but we do get dressed up and celebrate with some of our friends.  I think getting dressed up is one of my favorite parts of bringing in the New Year!  Out with the old, and in with the new!  I always look for affordable dresses to wear while we bring in the New Year.  New Year, new dress!

Speaking of new dresses I was checking out Dress First, and they have some pretty great dresses.  Whether you’re planning on getting married in 2014, being a bridesmaid, or just want to new dress to bring in the New Year with they have what you need, and up to 80% off too!  They also have everything you need when it comes to prom dresses, homecoming dresses, sweet sixteen dresses, graduation, and any other special occasion. Pretty fabulous, right!

If you’re looking for a high-quality craftsmanship and totally affordable dresses then you cannot go wrong with Dress First Online.  They know that your event is important, you need to look fabulous, and don’t want to spend your savings doing it.  They have over 1,200 styles that can be customized and tailored to your exact specifications.  They use the highest quality materials, detailing, all to create fabulous styles.  With over 1,200 to choose from there’s something for everyone.

Have you ever wished you could order color swatches before you buy a dresses, to actually see the color, and feel the fabric before making such a big decision?  Dress First encourages their customers to order a fabric swatch to see the color in reality.  They have a 1-piece – 28 color, and a 28 piece with 6 piece fabric swatch to help you make sure your dress is exactly what you’re looking for.

While I was visiting Dress First I found some of the most elegant, beautiful affordable dresses I have seen in  while.  I ordered my wedding dress over 7 years ago, spend triple the amount.  If you’re shopping for the perfect dress for whatever reason be sure to check out Dress First I’m sure you will find the perfect dress at a price you are happy paying.

Another fabulous thing about Dress First is that they ship worldwide.  There might be certain location they need additional information, but they will do their best to see you look fabulous for your event.  If you want to learn more about Dress First or swing by and check out their affordable dresses you can visit them online at DressFirst.com.

Super Cute Girls Fashion at Kmart/Shop Your Way!

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8Another super cute outfit from Kmart!  I just love all these super cute outfits.. I have started a Cyber Monday Board at on Shop Your Way, it’s my shopping list:)  Remember you can join Shop Your Way too, and when you shop at places like Kmart, Sears and others you will earn rewards whether you shop online or in the store!  Why not earn FREE Rewards, and Shipping for shopping at your favorite stores.. Join Shop Your Way Here.


Girls Fashion at Shop Your Way, Kmart!

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There’s some fabulous girls fashion for the fall and winter months!!


Girls fall and winter fashionable clothing that totally affordable, and if you are looking for aweome Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals be sure to check them out at Kmart with Shop Your Way.  You’ll even earn points for shopping, as well as layaway and FREE SHIPPING!  If you’re not a Shop Your Way memeber you can Join Here.


Girls Fashion, Shop Your Way!

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2Girls Fashion.. Join Shop Your Way and start earning rewards on super cute girls fashion at Kmart, Sears, and all the other stores part of the Shop Your Way network.  Click here to join Shop Your Way.

3Plus be sure to check out all their awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals… as well as giveaways and sweepstakes..

Join Shop Your Way


Boys Fashion, Who’s Ready For Holiday Shopping! #BlackFriday!

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1Here’s some awesome fashion that’s offered at Kmart, through Shop Your Way!  Before so you can earn points, get free shipping, coupons, and everything else.  You can join shop you way by clicking here, and let me be your personal shopper!

Don’t miss any of the awesome fall fashion for boys and girls, plus all the other amazing deals going on right now.  Join Shop Your Way, it’s a new awesome way to shop!

111shop your wayPlus check out all the Black Friday Shopping Deals, and amazing Cyber Monday Deals at ALL The Shop Your Way Stores…

There is also some pretty awesome giveaways and sweepstakes…

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Veterans Day #Sale At Shop Your Way!

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shop your way dealsI am not sure if you already use Shop Your Way, but if not now is the time to sign up!  There is some pretty fabulous stuff going on, and the shopping experience is great!  PLUS you earn money for shopping, and can take advantage of layaway!  It’s my personal favorite place to shop, and I am not only saying that because I am a Personal Shopper with shop your way!  NOPE, I am telling you because it’s awesome!

I did a print screen so you could see how much I earned on my last purchase, because I used the coupons that Shop Your Way gives their members!  Check it out!

shop your way points

See how awesome is that!  I have almost $20 in points that I can use on anything I want, at any of the Shop You Way stores!  Pretty neato, and if you are wondering what they have going on right now…  Other than great Veterens Day Sales, there is always the weekly deals, coupons to be used, and sweepstakes that you can enter.  Here are a few fabulous deals that you can take advantage of once you become a Shop Your Way member:

Joiin Shop Your Wau Here 

Shop Your Way Has Tons of Amazing #Sweepstakes!

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There is some Aweosme Sweepstakes over on Shop Your Way right now…  PLUS huge savings on products at Sears and Kmart!  Join now, let me be your personal shopper, send you coupons, and enter these fabulous and fun Sweepstakes!  I will list a few great Sweepstakes below (other than the ones listed in the image)!  If you cannot wait to get started click here and join me.

shop you way sweepstakes


  • $100 Kmart Gift Card Giveaway
  • $100 Sears Gift Card Giveaway
  • Pet Safety Contest
  • Best Bargain Contest
  • Gone With The Wind Sweepstakes
  • Smells Like A Winner Sweepstakes
  • Take a Friendly Stroll
  • Pick A Prize up to $50 Giveaway
  • Trick or Treat better hurry this one ends soon!
  • Fun for Fall Sweepstakes
  • Pie Spy Sweepstakes

And tons more sweepstakes all on Shop Your Way!  There is plenty of giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes to enter all day!  Not even kidding, swing by and check it out here!

Join Shop You Way, enter all these GREAT Giveaways, Contests and Sweepstakes, and let me help you find the best deals, and send you coupons to help you save money on your holiday shopping!

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