5 Homeware Trends You Have to Take Note of in 2016

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Do you like staying on top of the most current trends?  Do you read fashion magazines for fun?  If so, there is no reason for you to continue living in an old and outdated home.  Instead, you can make sure that you stay on top of current trends with your décor.  In 2016 there are some fun trends that I personally can not wait to check out!

Trend #1 — Texture


The first trend that you are going to notice in 2016 is texture.  That’s right, there are many different textures that are popular this year.  I love that you can mix and match textures for a unique look.  I have to admit that even at my age I love bling.  I am currently obsessed with the fun Aviva Stanoff Design Mermaid Sequin Pillows.  I love all of the different colors that they come in too!

Trend # 2 — Gold


Since I love bling it is probably no surprise to you that I love gold.  I have to admit that lately I have been on a bit of a gold kick.  I have a gold planner, a gold iPad case, my iPhone is gold, and so is my iPhone case!  That’s right….I jumped on this trend quickly.  When it comes to the home there are a few ways that you can quickly add some gilded love to any room.  I am currently wishing for some gold lamps and lighting in my own home.  I found the World’s Away Westin Lamp in Gold Leaf with Acrylic Base and fell in love with its fun and unique style.

Trend #3 — Sustainable Living


I have to admit with my own passion for thrift store finds that sustainable living is a trend that I can certainly stand behind.  I personally try to find unique pieces at thrift stores or on eBay that are fun and will stand out or mesh well with other trends that I like.  I really love a vintage vase like this one could look amazing next to a new trend like the gold lamp above.

Trend #4 — Artisan Goods


Hand made Artisan good are one of the biggest trends for this year.  One of the things that I love for the home is a beautiful handwoven rug, like this one from NOVICA.  The best thing is that it is hand made and available for you to make a difference in the artist’s life.

Trend #5 — Bold Colors


It seems that bold colors are the rage this year.  This is certainly one trend that is going to be a lot of fun in your home. One of my favorite ways to use a bold color is in one statement piece of furniture and a few basic accessories throughout the room. I love this cute hot pink chaise lounge and how it could be styled in any room. The biggest thing to remember with bold pieces is to keep other pieces in the room neutral and muted.

Creating Your Dream Home with IKEA

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I have to admit that I am a HUGE fan of IKEA.  In fact, many of my favorite pieces of furniture have come from there.  One thing that I have noticed is that people seem to think that IKEA furniture is not the same quality as others, but I think that they are dead wrong.  Yes, I have purchased inexpensive furnishings in the past from other retailers that was cheap made and did not have a lot of quality to it, but when it comes to my purchases from IKEA…I have been nothing but pleased.

Simple Tips to Create Your Dream Home Without Breaking the Bank….Thanks IKEA

Look for Pieces that Match Your Natural Style


Do you have a preference for style?  Most of us do and one of the things that I love most about IKEA is that you can find items from a wide range of styles.  I have a bit of an obsession with mid-century modern furnishings and there are definitely some pieces that I will be picking up in the near future.  I am currently obsessing over this Regissor Coffee Table ($149).  It reminds me of all of my favorite mid century modern pieces.  The best part for me is that it looks like something that I would be spending quite a bit of money on but it is reasonably priced which is always nice when you live on a budget.

Look for Small Ways to Add Big Style to Your Room


Another thing that I love is color but I prefer just splashes of color with overall muted tones.  I love this IKEA PS 2014 Storage Table ($69).  I plan on purchasing two of these for our living room and I love the added bonus that it provides some basic storage.

Look for Comfortable and Fun Seating


When it comes to living room seating, comfort is important.  The Strandmon Wing Chair ($279) is not only comfortable but it is another piece that will make a big statement in your space.  Another great thing about this chair is that it has a ten year warranty.  You won’t have to worry about it no longer working for you in just a few years.  Instead you are going to be able to have it for years to come.

Find Pieces That Fit Your Needs


We don’t have a separate toy room for our kid’s toys.  This is so frustrating!  So I have had to try to maximize style and storage with the shelving units that I choose.  The fact that these Kallax Shelving Units ($199) are so high in quality makes them even better!  We have had some for over two years now and they continue to look new even with the abuse my children put them through.

So when it comes to shopping you do not have to break the bank.  You can have a creative fun space that is completely your own on a budget.

How to Save Money on Home Repairs

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As a homeowner, taking care of your home is extremely important. By taking care of your home, you lengthen the life of your home, ensuring that you have a well-cared for place to live as you get older. Plus, you also ensure your home keeps its value, which is important when it comes to building equity in your home, whether you want to use it now or at a later date.

home repairs

Most homeowners know that caring for your home costs money, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Everybody likes finding ways to save money, and the following are a few great ways that you can save money on your home repairs.

Conduct Routine Maintenance Checks

One way to save money on home repairs is to catch and treat any underlying problems before they become expensive nightmares. Make it a point to do some routine maintenance checks around your home. Inspect your pipes and water supply, and look for signs of leaking or water damage. Inspect your circuit breaker box and your outlets, etc. You should also inspect the outside of your home for exterior damage. If you notice any issues, you should hire a professional to come examine the issue more thoroughly.

Be Proactive

Another great way to save money on home repairs is to be proactive about your home, your safety, and your maintenance. For example, if you live in an area that’s prone to earthquakes, you should install some earthquake prevention metrics throughout your home, such as securing large furniture to walls, installing earthquake valves on your water pipes, and investing in a backup generator. When you’re proactive, you eliminate the risk of having major damage happen to your home at a later date. Plus, the cost of preparing your home and being proactive is significantly less than what you’d spend if something went wrong.

Tackle Some Projects Yourself

If you have smaller projects around the home, you can save some money by tackling the project yourself instead of hiring a professional to do the job. When you do the work yourself, you will only need to spend money on the items you need, not on the labor too. When it comes to repairs, the labor is usually the most expensive part, so opting to do the job you can result in a significant savings. Plus, thanks to YouTube and other DIY websites and articles, you can learn how to do just about anything yourself.

Get Multiple Quotes

Sometimes a home repair project may be too much for you to handle, and that’s okay. When this occurs, the best way to save money is to get multiple quotes. If you end up taking the first quote you receive, you’ll likely spend more than you have to. By getting quotes, you can compare different professionals against one another. Plus, if you let them know that you’re shopping around, you may start to receive some discounts or other incentives from the company in order to receive your business.

Creating a Beautiful Photo Decor on a Budget with Canvas Champ

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canvas champ logo

I have wanted to redecorate my home for some time.  I have had pictures that I wanted to get put on canvas but I have to admit that I struggled with knowing which company to use.  I found that the ones that my photographer friends recommended had high costs that I just could not afford.  Then there were those that I had seen in other people’s homes that I knew were reasonable but were not the quality that I wanted.

canvas champ 1

A few months back I discovered Canvas Champ and the company has changed my life.  I love Canvas Champ and have been impressed by a number of features that they offer as well as the quality of the product.

canvas champ 2

The Top 5 Things I Love About Canvas Champ

  • Canvases Are Made to Last — One of the best features that I saw with the canvas that I received is that features a piece of wood behind the canvas.  As a mom of four this feature is my favorite because it means that if my children touch it that they are not going to ruin the canvas.
  • The Price — Recently I had photographs taken of my daughters that were Frozen themed with the intent of putting them on canvas to decorate their room.  I ended up with 12 photographs that I love.  When I thought about enlarging them to really big canvases the price from most companies was overwhelming.  I checked out what it would cost with Canvas Champ and it was really reasonable (I will share below what I am purchasing for the decor in their room).
  • The Quality — The canvases look beautiful and the coloring is right.  I have seen a lot of cheaper canvases in the past that have coloring that is off and these are not those canvases.
  • The Speed — Your canvases are guaranteed to arrive quickly.  I remember being really impressed with the amount of time that it took for me to receive my canvas.
  • Anything Can Become a Canvas — I love that you can not only create lasting memories with canvases of your favorite photographs but that you can also create lasting memories of your favorite works of art from your children.  I am planning on letting each of my children create their own rainbow for our dining room remodel and having their rainbows made into fun canvas creations.  Plus I plan on using some of the photographs that I have taken of bands and having those created into canvases for a special “music” wall in our dining room.  Then each of our “posters” can be moved to the basement to our family room when it is created.

The Room Displays I will Create with Canvas Champ in the Near Future

For My Frozen Obsessed Princesses

After getting back 12 pictures on discs that I LOVED I was overwhelmed with the thought of turning them into something amazing in their room.  I have finally decided how I am going to use them for 2 display walls.  The best part is that the whole thing is going to be really affordable.

On one wall I am going to have an individual picture of each of the girls that is 30 x 20 (these are just $42.44 each).  In between these I am going to hang up 3 8 x 8 canvases (these are just $10 each).  I purchased adorable 10 x 10 square mirrors for $2 each from a popular discount store and am creating a wall display on another wall that features 5 10 x 10 canvases and 5 10 x 10 mirrors (the top row will go mirror, canvas, mirror, canvas, mirror and the bottom row will go canvas, mirror, canvas, mirror, canvas) (10 x 10 canvases are only $17.12).  Then I am going to purchase 2 of the 8 x 12 canvases ($16.77 each).  The total transformation into their dream princess room (pictures to come as soon as I get it all created!) will cost me just over $234 which is amazing when you consider that most places charge more than that for one 30 x 20 canvas alone!!

For My Boys

Once rooms are painted and ready for decor I am planning on getting canvases to hang in my boys’ rooms as well.  I am sure that I will choose from a selection of past photos since there are no real “themed” photo sessions that would tailor well to my boys.  I really love that Canvas Champ offers different types of media besides canvases as well.  I am going for a very industrial feel for my oldest son’s room.  I pan on creating metal pictures.  I foresee myself purchasing 6 8×8 metal prints ($17.00 each) and 2 8×12 ($26.00 each).  Being able to pick up these 8 metal prints for just $154 is a steal!

For Huxley’s room I am planning on doing a long display that features 8 8×8 canvases in a row ($10 each) and 4 10×10 ($17.12 each).  The total for his room will be under $149.

For My Living Room

We recently had some amazing family pictures taken.  I plan on creating some wall displays with canvases around our living room utilizing these pictures as well as full family pictures of both of our families.  I want the family pictures to hang up on one of our small walls.  I plan on ordering 2 8 x 12 canvases for this ($16.77 each).  I also plan on hanging the one canvas that we received here!  We have a very long wall behind our coach that is separated by a window in the middle.  For this wall I plan on creating displays of 8×8 square canvases I want 12 canvases for each of these walls and at just $10.00 each I am really going to be able to get what I want.  So our dream living room isplay is going to cost me just under $275.

For Our Entryway

Our entryway is kind of the designated area of our living room for toys and where the kids play.  I plan on putting up one 8×8 canvas of each of them in an area.  For $40 it will look amazing and will help make our home look like we spent a lot more.

For Our Bedroom

Recently I have decided that I want some unique and fun romantic photos taken of my husband and I.  I plan on having these done by a photographer that I met at the Phases of the Moon Festival and I am going to be going for a John Lennon and Yoko Uno vibe with these.  I want to create a few different wall displays in our room of these photographs in black and white.  I would like a wall that features 6 10×10 squares in a row ($17.12 each), another wall to have 9 8x8s ($10 each), one wall with 2 20×16 ($30.90), and a final wall with 2 30×20 ($42.44).  My overall goal for our room is a very romantic vibe so I even have specific photographs listed for the photographer to take.  It will be under $350 for all of these.

That’s right I will have amazing photographs hung throughout our house for around $1200.  That is an amazing price when you consider that most of the time canvases are so expensive that I would not even be purchase about 5 of the larger sized canvases for that price.

Interior (or Hallway) Bench Buying Guide

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Are you looking to purchase a bench? If so, you have come to the right place. You may not realize it yet, but there is a lot to consider when purchasing a new bench. Benches aren’t cheap, and so you want to be sure that the bench you end up getting is the perfect fit for your home or garden. To help you figure this out, we have put together a short guide of things you should be thinking about. By keeping the below list in mind you will be better equipped to purchase the best bench for you.

1. Size – Benches come in all different sizes, and the size you want will largely depend on where you plan on putting it. Is this a bench that is going in your living room, or an outdoor garden? Wherever you are putting it, be sure that you measure the space first so that you know how big the bench can be. Don’t forget to account for the surrounding area if anything is going there, or if you are going to need room to get by it. Measure the space by how wide it is, how long, and how high you want the bench to go. Write these measurements down and bring them with you when you go looking for your new bench.

2. Style – Next, think about what style of bench you want. Are you looking for something along the lines of a park bench that will be outside your home, or maybe you want French inspired living room benches. Do you want a bench that has a lot of curves to it, or something a little more simple? The only way to know the options that are out there is to browse around. Think about where the bench is going and what will be around it. You want a bench that matches the styles already found in the area.

3. Color – Once you know the style you want to get, you can think about what color to get. You can get something bright and colorful if you are putting this among some flowers, or you can get something more earthy. You could also go with something rustic looking if you are going to be putting this indoors among your furniture. There are a lot of color options, and again you will want to match it with the items that are already in the space.

4. Sturdy – Lastly, you will want a bench that is sturdy. Before you purchase it, make sure that you sit in it. Try and shift it around and see if it wobbles. See what material it is made out of and if that material will be able to stand the environment you are putting it in (especially if its going outside). You are spending the money on a nice bench, you want it to last a long time, so always check and make sure that your bench is of a good quality.

Hopefully this list gave you some things to think about before you purchase your next bench. A good bench can be an excellent complementary piece of furniture in any setting, but only if you get the right kind. The wrong kind of bench can stick out like a sore thumb, but you can avoid this by thinking about the things mentioned above. Good luck, and we hope you end up with a bench that you love!

Make Things Smell Good with Fresh Wave

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Well I will admit that I am sensitive to odors.  I find myself freaking out all of the time because I smell something unpleasant.  So I am always on the look out for products that are going to help my house and my family to smell our best.  I love that I recently found the Fresh Wave line of products that really do help to make everything in my life smell a bit fresher.

freshwave logo

**Our Living Room

Freshwave 8

Our living room is where we spend nearly all of our time.  My kids are constantly spilling things on the carpet and for the longest time I thought that there was always a bit of a funky smell going on in there.  Put this together with a kid that has severe allergies and one that can not handle me burning candles and you will quickly understand how much Fresh Wave has been appreciated in our home.  Their natural products do nothing to his allergies and are great for us to be able to get that clean fresh smell that I desire.

Freshwave 4

Since our living room is the only carpeted room in the house I use the Carpet Shake ($14) and the Vacuum Pearls ($12) both in our living room on a regular basis.  They are both perfect for helping to make this room smell fresher.  I honestly can not decide which one I like better and I use them both on a regular basis.

**My Son’s Stinky Shoes

Freshwave 2

I have one son who has the stinkiest feet ever.   I have purchased so many foot powders and sprays over the years only to be left disappointed.  The Sport Spray ($5.99) is a great choice for anyone who has a sticky foot problem.  This spray can be sprayed into shoes and actually helps to eliminate the odors that one has when they have stinky shoes and feet.  It is a perfect solution to making stinky feet eliminated.

**Baby Areas

Freshwave 3

While I do not really have baby areas any longer I love for the kids’ room to smell nice and with Huxley’s allergies it can be a challenge to find something that is not going to make them sick.  I love the Baby Spray ($5.99) as it not only helps to neutralize odors but it does not bother his allergies at all!  This is HUGE because even with natural products I have seen a lot of issues in the past.

**Our Car

Freshwave 7

The other place that I feel like is always collecting some not-so-pleasant smells in our car.  It’s probably because most of the time our car looks like we live in it but the fact remains that it can get a nice funk going on in there and I hate it when it does.  There is a great Auto Spray ($4.99) that really helps to make the car smell better.  I have been using it on our carseats and throughout our car lately and it has really seemed to improve the quality of air that I get to breathe.

**Other Rooms

Freshwave 5

For the other rooms in our home I received the Crystal Gel ($8.99-14.99) and the Home Spray ($9.99).  These both seem to help areas to smell better and I love that they are safe and easy to use throughout our house.

Freshwave 6

**For Your Favorite Furry Friend

Freshwave 1

Pets can often leave lingering odors.  While I do not have a dog myself my brother does and Dexter is likely to be the only nephew that I ever have.  I received the Pet Shampoo ($13.99) that I am going to be using with Dexter to help neutralize any smell of pet odor that there might be.

Choosing great products to help make my house smell better used to be a challenge with allergies and problems that we faced as a family.  Now they are something that I can easily neutralize with the right Fresh Wave products.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Just Enough of a Breeze with Ozeri

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I LOVE sleeping with a fan on me.  When I was younger this was not something that I appreciated.  In fact, I will admit that when I was younger, I was ALWAYS cold.  Well since I have gotten older I have learned that there is just nothing the same as being to sleep all night long in the comfort of a fan.  This is something that I personally enjoy and something that is going to make me happier while I am trying to get a night’s rest.  I don’t know why this has changed but it has and since it has I have not been able to sleep without a fan.

ozeri logo

Well recently my fan broke and I found that I was not sleeping very well without it.  In fact it seemed like Shane and Adeline (who still usually ends up in our bed) were not sleeping as well either.  So I went on a hunt to find a great fan.  What I found was that Ozeri makes a ton of amazing fans and many that I would love the opportunity to be able to review.

ozeri 1

I was excited to choose the Ozeri 3x Tower Fan which I really LOVE.  I am so excited that I was able to review this because the amount of breeze that it creates is just perfect for sleeping all night long.  I have found that with this fan plugged in that we are all sleeping just a little bit better and maybe even a little bit longer.  Yes I will admit that I have even slept in and woken up late enough times that I am setting an alarm each night again which I have not done in a few years.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Fan

**Think About Your Needs

During the winter I want a fan that produces a gentle breeze but during the summer I need a fan that is going to be strong enough to really cool our room.  I am so excited about this fan because it produces a nice gentle breeze but can produce enough to keep us cool all winter long!!  I also wanted a fan with a remote because then we can adjust it from our bed…yes I am that lazy when I trying to sleep.  (Well technically not lazy but I have a really hard time falling asleep when I too cold/hot or when I get up and more around.)

ozeri 4

**Think About Where the Fan Will Be Used

One thing that I have to do when looking at fans is think of what rooms we are going to use them in.  With this fan I knew that I was going to use it in our bedroom so I knew that it could be something a little more than what we use in other rooms of our home.  I really love it and am so happy that I chose to review this exact model.  This one is slim enough that it is easy for us to fit anywhere in our overcrowded room.

ozeri 3

**Choose a Fan That You Know You’ll Love

When I saw this tower fan with three fans I knew that it would come in especially handy this summer.  We actually do not have vents in our house and can not have central air.  So I was very interested in being able to see if this fan would be strong enough to really cool our room so that maybe we would not have to put a window AC unit in.  To be honest I think that we will have no problems staying cool this summer now!  The sleek design and style are certainly something that I appreciate and love.

ozeri 2

**Don’t Be Afraid to Spend a Bit More to Get What You Want

I am one of those people who rarely worries about how much money  I spend on something that I am going to use a lot.  I know that some of my friends and family are always looking for a great bargain but one of the things that I remind them is that you have to spend money for something that is higher quality to really get a great value.  I strongly believe this with fans.  This amazing fan is just $95.99 right now.  It is on sale from $129.95 and I would have purchased it for the more expensive price now that I have seen how amazing it is.  The quality is just so much better than the other fans that we have owned.

Please forgive me for using stock photos.  I honestly just did not love the photos that I took of the product.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Stay Warm with Honeywell

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Recently I was lucky enough to receive the Honeywell Heat Bud Personal Heater and I have to admit that this is one of the review items that my husband has bragged about the most.  To be honest Shane doesn’t talk much at all (Shocker since I talk all of the time, right?!?).  Well I had asked him about things that he needed to try and find something for review.  He expressed to me that his heater that was in the basement got broken when our basement flooded last summer.  Since this is something that he had used every single day last winter,  I went on a hunt to find a great personal heater for his work area in our basement.

honeywell logo

What I found when I was searching was that Honeywell has some great rated heaters that are supposed to work really well without taking up too much space.  So I was pretty excited to be able to test out the Heat Bud because it is really small enough for him to set on his desk.  The best thing is that he tells me that it works really well and that it really helps him to stay warm at his desk.  Since his desk is such a mess and I am too embarrassed to post pictures I thought that I would share stock shots with you.  This is only because his desk is his space and I do not feel like I should be moving things or cleaning it up no matter how crazy it drives me.

honeywell 1

The Heat Bud is a personal sized heater that is perfect for anyone who is hoping to stay warm this winter.  It works great and is small enough that it can really be placed anywhere.  The heater is made from ceramic too so we know that it is going to last a long time without problems.  It also looks cute when it is sitting out thanks to its modern design and multiple color choices.  Not only does it provide a lot of eat for its size, it also only uses 250 watts of energy!  This really makes it great for anyone who is trying to save money without making them have to sit around being cold.

Tips to Save Money and Stay Warm This Winter

**Look for Items with the Energy Star Label

When you are shopping for personal heaters or other items to help you stay warm look for ones that have the energy star label on them.  This is going to ensure that you are choosing products that use the least amount of energy.  I love that the Heat Bud only uses 250 watts of power or less.

**Keep Thermostat Set No Higher Than 68

It can be tempting to keep turning your thermostat up this winter but the higher you go, the more money that you are going to be spending.  Think about keeping your house at around 65-67 degrees and do not go higher than 68.  This can save you hundreds throughout the winter months and no your children are not going to get sick from playing in this temperature.  Think about summer time and when you turn your AC on, most Americans turn theirs on when it is just 70 degrees outside.

**Clean Vents, Registers, and Filters

Cleaning out the vents, registers and filters is going to make it easier for air to flow through them which will help it stay warmer using less energy.

**Use Electric Heaters in Colder Rooms

Using small personal heaters like the Heat Bud can really save you money when heating your home this winter.  We live in an old house that has really high ceilings in our living room and dining room so it is especially important for us to use small heaters in the rooms that we are sitting in so that we can avoid spending extra money on heating bills all winter long.

Kaberra Gel Makes the Smellies Go Away

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Kanberra Gel is a unique all natural deodorizer that works in a number of different formats.  I can tell you that there were products that I fell in love with and those that I did not fall in love with but would use again.  I was very interested to try out Kanberra Gel after I had heard that it was a deodorizer that was all natural.  This is something that instantly intrigued me since I have a son who has bad allergies that are often heightened by room deodorizers or candles.

kanberra gel logo

Until my son was born I was a candle freak and someone who always had a yummy smelling house.  Since he has had so many problems with most air fresheners and candles I have noticed that my house just does not smell super yummy like it used to.  In fact it often times will smell funky (think burnt food in the microwave while dad was in charge and my 5 year old tried to microwave a breadstick for 40 minutes) and I have struggled to find a way to make those smells go away.

Kanberra 1

Kanberra Gel sent me 5 of their products to test out and I tested them in different areas of my house.  I wanted to really see where the products would work the best and if they would be able to tackle difficult odors that you face with four children.

Kanberra Gel

Kanberra 4

I received the Kanberra Gel in three different sizes.  I put one in our kitchen, one in the bathroom, and one under our shoe box (as you know shoes can get a little funky odor to them when you have active children).

I loved how the Kanberra Gel worked in our kitchen.  It was wonderful and I really did seem to notice that there were not as many funky odors after cooking.  I cook a lot of curry, Mexican food, and use garlic frequently.  All of these can leave odors in the air that might not be as pleasant when you are not eating the foods.  I noticed instantly that these odors seemed to leave and that I was not smelling things for as long after they had been cooked.

In the bathroom I thought that Kanberra Gel did an okay job.  It seemed to work a little bit but I still sensed some unpleasant odors from time to time that I feel like maybe a stronger deodorizer would have worked a bit better for.

For the shoe box I did not notice a difference after the Kanberra Gel was placed there.  I am wondering if maybe I placed it in the wrong place or if there were just too many shoes for it to handle, but to be honest with you it did not work as well as I hoped.

Kanberra Spray

The Kanberra Spray is a great deodorizing spray.  It works great to spray in shoes, on coats, hats, and scarves.  All of these are things that I sometimes think smells funky but might not have the time that is needed to get them washed.  I did find that it worked well on shoe odor so it solved one of the problems that I did not feel like the gel could solve completely.

Kaberra 3

Kanberra Wipes

The company also makes wipes and the Kanberra Wipes are my favorite wipes that I have ever used!!  If you know me then you realize that this is a HUGE statement.  If you do not own me then you should probably know that I use a lot of wipes in my house for everything because I love the convenience of wipes.  I loved that the wipes tackled odors when I would clean with them and that they seemed to wipe up messes with ease.  These are definitely a product that I do not want to live without and one that I will continue to purchase in the future.

Kanberra 2

Kanberra Gel, Kanberra Spray, and Kanberra Wipes are all products that are natural and do not contain harmful chemicals, did not bother my son or husband who have severe allergies, and really helped to make our home smell fresher.  You can learn more about them on their website as well as find out where you can purchase them close to home.


Holiday Gift Buying Guide — Eco Cloth Diapers Offers More Than Diapers & A Giveaway!

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Eco Cloth Diapers might sound like the type of shop where only parents could be shopping to buy items for their baby but there is nothing farther from the truth.  In fact the shop offers a whole line of products that are perfect for the entire family.  I received a set of Bamboo Baby Washcloths but I can assure you that everyone in the house is benefiting from these and they are not just for babies.

eco cloth diapers logo eco cloth diapers

I have found the washcloths to be soft, comfortable, and well worth the money that you would spend on them.  I will admit that I usually shy away from washcloths because I hate how they feel but these are so luxurious and soft that they are amazing.  I have been using them every time that I take a shower or bath, each morning and night to wash my face, and with my entire family.  Even my usually non-observant 11 year old told me how much he loved our new washcloths the other day.

I am so excited about these washcloths and I know that you will be too!  They are amazing and I am offering up 20 of these bamboo washcloths to one of you as well.  You can purchase these washcloths here for $14.95 for 6 (well, currently $13.95 for 6 on sale!).

Displaying photo.JPG

Bamboo is truly an amazing material to use for fabric and does not at all feel like you would expect when thinking about the plant.  Instead bamboo is some of the softest and most comfortable materials that I have personally felt in a long time.

Interesting Facts About Bamboo

**Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant.  It actually grows three times faster than the fastest growing trees and some types of bamboo can even grow up to 1 meter per day!

**Bamboo can regenerate more oxygen than the same land space filled with trees.

**Bamboo can replace wood as it is one of the strongest building materials.  It is actually stronger than steel.

**You can selectively harvest bamboo each year.

**Over 2.2 billion people survive on income that comes from bamboo.  If you make an investment in a bamboo plantation you will have your money returned in between 3-5 years.

**Buildings made from bamboo are more flexible and continue standing after an earthquake.

**Bamboo has natural anti-erosion properties which allows it to be an effective watershed.

**Bamboo has medicinal properties that can help a number of ailments including kidney disease, asthma, or coughs.

**Many people do not realize that bamboo is a natural aphrodisiac.

**Bamboo shoots can be eaten and are considered to be a good source of food for many people throughout the world.

**Bamboo is part of landscape and design in many homes around the globe.

**Bamboo can be used as a food source for a number of different types of animals and fish.

**Bamboo has many different cultural meanings and even mythical properties around the globe.

Bamboo is a sustainable material that is wonderful for a number of different uses.

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