Getting Organized in 2015 — The Perfect Planner for Work and Tips to Organize Your Blog

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Dot Mine Day Planners are a great high quality planner.  I struggled with finding the right planner for years and tried to organize everything for the blog, my work, and my family in the same place.  Well that did not work.  What I have concluded is that I need a great planner separate from my family one for work.  The Leather Dot Mine Day Planner ($32.99) is my choice of work planner for 2015 and I have to admit that I love the one that I received.  I love that I can organize all of the companies that I need to contact, when I need to post my blogs, and when I receive products for review.  This is going to be one tool that I do not want to be without in 2015.

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As part of me sharing with you my personal getting organized in 2015 series, I am going to give you some tips to organize your blog.

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Tips to Organize Your Blog

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Tip 1 — Be Adamant About Organization

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When it comes to my life I am terrible with organization.  In the past year this has ended up with me messing up a few times and owning up with some big apologies.  Thankfully everyone that I have worked with has been nothing but wonderful but I know for 2015 that my goal is to no longer have this type of problem.  So I wanted to be able to offer something completely different for the clients that I work with.  I also want to do some series, work on some challenges, and the biggest one for me is getting organized.

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Tip 2 — Keep Track of Important Dates

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A planner is a must for any blogger.  It is important that you be able to keep track of all of your important dates and keep things organized.  One of the things that I have found that is working well for me is keeping my Dot Mine Planner full of all of the important dates that I need to know for the blog.  This includes following up and ideas for future posts based on seasons/holidays and more.

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Tip 3 — Find a System that Works for You

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I have tried spreadsheets, email folders, and more but there has not been a system that I have used that has really worked well for me.  The system that I like the best is a good old fashioned pen and paper and a planner is a great way for me to have that system.  So I am using the Dot Mine Planner because it is what matches my needs the best.

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When it comes to getting organized this is something that is very hard for me.  It is something that I have to try and put a lot of effort into.  I have been living in a cluttered, messy world for far too long and in 2015 one of my biggest goals is to be organized for the blog and for my house.  Stay tuned as I am going to be posting about my journey to organization throughout the year.

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Great Tools to Run Your Sales & Marketing

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ID-1005652I stumbled across Zoho while cruising around the web.  I had a friend as me the other day if I knew any websites that offered him a way to help capture more leads for his website.  I guess he figured since I run a blog I know it all.  Needless to say I know nothing, well not anywhere to refer him.  I couldn’t help myself I had to search around to see what options are available for him.

I ran into and they really seem to have it going on.  I want to see if you or anyone you know has used them.  They really sound awesome.  I love the fact that they offer crm on-the-go, use it from your tablet or cell phone.  Oh, how rude of me.

Let me give you a little information for those of you who don’t know much about  Zoho is software that helps you put your time and attention into your business, and they will take care of the rest.  They offer apps that help generate more sales, get paid, even support customer, and help make your business more productive.  [Read more…]

Fairy Hobmother’s On The Run

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ShawnandJenn shemoreHey everyone, so I heard Mom’s Vacation Spots thinks Fairy Hobmother is on his way to Simply Shawn & Jenn!  If he was here, we haven’t seen him, been looking too!  We must have just missed him, we were out looking for the top five washing machines in blog land. That darn Fairy Hobmother is so hard to find.  He is on his way back, he left me a comment in pictsy dust, telling me he’ll be stopping back to by check for fabulous comments from the blog guest bloggers of them all! Do you want to make money blogging?

Fairy Hobmother sure has become sort of that magical, character in blog land.  He visits blogs late at night while most of the bloggers are sleeping.  Searching for some of the bloggiest bloggers of all!  Are you one of the bloggiest? Be sure to leave you comment below and find out if Fairy Hobmother will visit you next.

Can you catch Fairy Hobmother?  Will he stop by Pink Ninja Bloggers blog?

P.S. You didn’t hear this from us but, Fairy Hobmother has been by Pink Ninja Blogger.  We’re not sure if you can still find them there, but he’s know to check out comment on Pink Ninja Blogger often!  Don’t miss this most awesome fairy in blog land!  Head over to Pink Ninja Blogger, Can You Catch Fairy Hobmother.


12 Ways to boost your Instagram Followers

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If you currently own an iPhone and are now getting a hang of it and have finally settled for an Instagram account, then you are on the right track. Now that you are in, there is a chance you will get addicted to using it and as you do, you will get more followers following your profile and your posts. This article will offer you; the Instagram user tips that will help you get a higher number of followers. Here goes:

1. Share your photos on other platforms
If you are already registered on other social networking sites and already have a considerable number of followers, use those to your advantage. Use any forum that you can explore and don’t just limit yourself to the well-known ones like Facebook and Twitter. Diversify to others like Flickr and Tumblr. If you run your very own blog, share your photos on it too.

2. Follow people who share interest similar to yours
The best approach to use to get more followers is to find friends via your very own profile. Click on links that suggest friends for you since the are on that list because you and them share common interests. If you like their posts and become their follower, there is a high chance that they will follow you back as well.

3. Invite followers on other networks
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. Get your other friends on other social networks to rally behind you. That is the surest way to get a wider follower base.

4. Link your Instagram profile
If you currently run your own blog, add the link that goes directly to your Instagram profile and do this even on other social media networks that you are registered on. As soon as you get on Instagram, make an announcement that you are now a member and post that on your blog or website.

5. Caption every photo you post
Don’t just post a picture and say nothing about it. Always put a little effort into describing what the picture is about and where it was taken. That way it always shows up when someone searches for something specific. This is one sure way of getting people to become your followers.

6. Use hash tags as often as you can
It’s a well-known fact that hash tags make your profile more visible. For one it means that you are not all about posting meaningless pictures. Using hash tags gives the impression that you are willing to invest a little time to categorize your photos. A tagged photo will have the ripple effect of attracting a large number of new followers who may not necessarily be friends with you yet.

7. Geo tag your pictures
It works in the same way as using hash tags. What this means is that you should include the location where the picture was taken alongside the photo. That way anyone who does a search on a particular location will see your photo or photos and they are likely to click to be your follower.

8. Post clear photographs
Yes, that’s right. DO not post anything that is of low quality. Remember that there are many pictures being posted on the forum every day. You need to make an impression and you can only do that if you have good and clear content to begin with. If you don’t like the picture you are about to post no one else will.

9. Be seen on other people’s profiles
This means that you need to be active and comment and like other people’s photos that are of interest to you. One good turn deserves another so to speak and if you like and comment on other people’s pictures, other people will follow you and like and comment on your photos as well.

10. Mail your clients
If you have a large number of customers you are dealing with, consider mailing them to inform them that you are using Instagram and that they should follow you and check out your profile.

11. Make use of humour
When you comment, be humorous and you are likely to generate a lot of interest. People want to be associated with someone who makes them smile. Be funny and you will get more followers than you expected.

12. Go through the Instagram blog
There are many contests that are announced over the blog and participating in such can help you rank higher on the forum which will in turn lead to you getting more followers.
Steve writes for Buy Instagram Followers – a website designed to help boost your Instagram likes and instagram profile artificially.

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Make Money Blogging | Monetize Your Blog With Panthera Network

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Are you a blogger? Want to make money blogging?  Monetize your blog?  There are tons of affiliate programs out there, Panthera Network is an affiliate network that offers over 300 around the world promotions to help you monetize your blog, so you can make money blogging.

I have been signed up with Panther Network for a while now, so I thought share a little about them and my feelings on them as an affiliate network.

Panthera Network is a performance based affiliate program. Panthera Network has been around since 2006 and from my experience has been easy to work with. Getting accepted into the network was fairly easy, not anymore difficult that any other affiliate network. They also have a lot of options if you are looking for an affiliate to monetize your blog.

What I like best about Panthera Network is there is so many different types of unique offers. This really helps publishers monetize their blog, the more options the easier it is to find something that fits your blog niche and your readers will find value in.

If you want to earn money blogging and think you want to try affiliate networks make sure to check into Panthera Network.

To learn more about Panthera Network Click Here

Earn Rewards Online With CrowdTap

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Have you heard of CrowdTap yet? If not let me share a little about the CrowdTap community. CrowdTap is a community that offers people the opportunity to engage with brands, test products and earn cash while helping charities all at the same time! Sounds awesome right? It is, I have been with CrowdTap and am having a good time and earning awesome products, rewards even cash!

If you’re looking for a way to help out charities and get rewarded for your work, CrowdTap may be perfect! This is an online community that connects consumers with brands so they can directly influence new product and marketing ideas, while earning cash and freebies in return.

Now are you wondering how it works? I figured you would. When you sign up you’ll be provided opportunities to complete different task. These tasks that are assigned help brands make marketing decisions and spread the word about their products or services. Now how about them cash rewards, how do you earn those? Cash rewards are earned cash as a result of providing meaningful responses in discussion and taking part in them daily, once you’re a level 5 you’ll receive a 5% cash bonus for every $10 earned.

Once your account reaches $10 you have the ability to redeem earnings in a variety of ways, such as:

Cash Rewards – Earn cash rewards, we all love cash right!?!
Gift Cards – Amazon gift cards, oh my we love Amazon!
Donate – Donate earnings to selected charity
FREEBIES – some tasks will offer free products along with other awesome stuff

CrowdTap is a fun online community that offers the oportunity to do something positve and get rewarded for your efforts. CrowdTap is a fun way to earn money onine. If you enjoy earning rewards online. Check out CrowdTap!

How to sign up with Crowdtap?

Signing up is easy, simply visit CrowdTap Online.

Make Money Blogging & Social Networking With ChaCha’s Affiliate Program

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ChaCha Affiliate Program

Have you heard of ChaCha?  ChaCha is an affiliate program.  I just signed up with ChaCha and thought I would share this interesting affiliate program.  If you are looking to earn money blogging and enjoy social networking this might be an affiliate program you want to check out.

What is ChaCha, how does it work?

Social Media influences have a chance to earn money using social media tools.  The advertisers post a URL on Twitter, Facebook, etc and get paid each time a person clicks on the link.

The content that ChaCha provides is good and there is a wide variety to choose from such as quizzes, images, etc.  ChaCha offers everyone one a chance to earn money blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, etc.  However if you would rather use ChaCha to monetize your blog, you can do that as well.  Use the link provided in the offer that you accepted and post it to your website or blog.

How Do You Sign Up?

It was really simple and I received a fast response after I submitted my application.  Once you are approved login and add your Twitter handle and search what adds you would like to promote.

ChaCha can be an awesome way to make money blogging or using social networking.  If you are interested in monetizing your blog or earning money using social networks check out ChaCha’s Website

Sponsored Tweets | Earn Money With Your Tweets

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SponsoredTweets referral badge

Do you have a Twitter account?  Are you a blogger, looking to make money blogging?  Even if you are not a blogger you can sign up for Sponsored Tweets.  Tweeting is fun, easy and a great social networking tool.  Sponsored Tweets helps you earn money sending out tweets. You choose to accept or decline what you tweet, don’t worry nothing is sent out without your approval.

Sponsored Tweets can be an awesome way to tweet and earn some extra money.

How Does Sponsored Tweets Work?

Sign up and wait. Sponsored Tweets will send you an email whenever you have an offer for a tweet. Once you receive an offer go to your Sponsored Tweets account and complete the task, wait for it to be approved and earn money for sending your tweet out. Every time people click your tweet you earn money tweeting! It really is that simple, this is an easy way to earn a little extra money and you still have control of what goes out. If you don’t approve it, Sponsored Tweets doesn’t send it out.

If you have a Twitter account you can earn extra money by signing up with Sponsored Tweets.

Make Money Blogging with Blogvertise

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Blog Advertising Revenue

Make Money Blogging with Blogvertise

Are you looking to make money blogging, at least enough to help pay for the expenses that come along with blogging?  Check out Blogvertise it may or may not be a program that can help your make money blogging.

To earn money with your blog with Blogvertise, first you need to sign up and register your blog.  Your blog must be approved before you can earn money blogging.   Once your blog is approved you will be assigned tasks to write about that you can either accept or decline.  If you choose to complete the task your entry must be completed within 5 days and the entry must remain on your blog permanently.

What types of tasks does Blogvertise assign? 

There is a wide variety of different tasks such as product, service, or website reviews, guest posting ads, banner ads and more.  Does it flow with your blogs niche?  Will your readers find value in the posts?  When you are assigned a task you make the choice to accept or decline the task.  If you visit their website you will find Blogvertise is in need of all different types of bloggers such as:

  • Mom Blogger
  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Reviews
  • Travel
  • Home and Garden
  • Living

It truly doesn’t matter what kind of blog you have.  However it must meet their guidelines.

How are you paid?

Blogvertise will pay you 30 days after your blog entry is completed.  If you decide this is a venture you would like to try, make sure to have a PayPal account set up.

How much can you earn with Blogvertise?

In the beginning you will be paid from $4 – $25 per entry for the first 10 assigned and completed tasks.  Payout will vary and frequently based on blog traffic, popularity, how much the advertiser is will to pay, etc. The better quality blog you have the better you will be paid.

What do I think about Blogvertise?

Blogvertise can be a good way to help you earn money blogging, just be picky posting on your blog.  There’s a lot of tasks to choose from, they do pay and you pick what is posted on your blog.

Remember you want it to fit your blog niche and make sure you readers find value in what you’re posting.  Readers understand there’s money involved in blogging, but don’t run them off by posting anything and everything in your blog.

If you are would like to make money blogging you may find value in Blogvertise.

Earn Money Using Your Social Network Accounts

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Earn money with your social network accounts!

Ok so I just signed up with this program called Zuvvu.  So far so good so I thought I would share for those of you who would like to earn money using your social network reach.

So how does Zuvvu work?  You earn money with social media accounts by telling friends, follower anyone you know about products, brands or anything else awesome you find on their website.   Social Media users help brands and businesses get noticed.

I just signed up and linked my social media account and my current ranking is a Hippie, lol I love the little guy reminds me of Cheech off Cheech and Chong, lol.  I love that show!  Anyway back to Zuvvu!

This is new for me but I am all set up ready to go completed a few tasks and completed my profile.  I noticed this Social Media Earning Calculator, so I input my information such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin friends/followers and it calculated the potential earnings.  If I was to share 1 tweet, 1 image/video a day I could earn up to $183 a month!  Wow, I thought I would share with anyone interested in earning money with social media.

You do not even have to have a blog to use this service!  Just love to use social media!

If you want to give Zuvvu a try you can sign up HERE