Customer Service; Art or Science?


There are those who would argue that customer service is an art and still others come down on the side of it being a science. No matter where one lands in this debate it is simply a fact that extraordinary customer service results in extraordinary customer satisfaction.  Such is the case at Krikawa.

The business of designing custom wedding bands and custom engagement rings requires a deep sensitivity to the needs of the customer that you are designing a custom ring for.  Krikawa ensures customer satisfaction through a guarantee that is better than any in the business.  Simply stated, they won’t stop trying until the customer is one hundred percent satisfied; almost unheard of today and truly a rarity in any custom field.


Krikawa can make this guarantee based on their process, product, and professionalism.  The process is a simple straight forward exchange of ideas and concepts brought by the customer, interpreted by the Krikawa design team, and manifested in a custom design.  There is a lot of work involved and a lot of back and forth until the custom piece is just right reflecting the taste and vision the customer has in mind.


Once that final sign-off on the design has been accomplished, the customer can rest assured that the product will perfectly reflect the design.  Krikawa only works from the finest quality components.  Their precious stone inventory is truly something special. However, should there be a requirement beyond what they have in-house, it can be accommodated through special order.  The craftsmen that bring together design with final product, precious metals with precious stones, and color with concept remain vigilant through the entire process to keep true to customer vision.


All matters contributing to the crafting of any project by this custom ring manufacturer is handled in truly professional manner.  So, whether customer service is to you a science or whether to you it is an art, Krikawa uses it to produce custom rings and jewelry that go beyond the value of their components to speak straight to your heart.