The Best Tote Bag I Have Ever Owned


I have to admit that I am a bag collector.  I have TONS of bags in all shapes and sizes.  I have bags from luxury brands and sports brands.  I have bags that are a HUGE range of sizes, styles, shapes, and colors.  The problem that I find is that I rarely get out of my bag funk and that I end up carrying the same bag all of the time.  Well, my newest obsession is with the Simply Vera Wang Catherine Tote in Buff Ruched.  This tote is amazing!  I am going to share with you why I love this tote so much by sharing with you the five places that this tote has traveled with me.

5 Places the Catherine Tote Has Gone

#5 — To All of My Mom-Responsibilities

As a mom, I have 101 things that I have to do with my children.  I love that the Catherine Tote perfectly goes to all of them with style!  I can run to the PTO meetings, head to parent/teacher conferences, or on a field trip with the same tote.  The size of the tote allows for me to carry a notebook or folder with all of the information in it.  This is perfect since so many totes are not a good size for various activities.  I also love that this tote is structured so I can use it with a little or a lot!  You don’t notice when it is almost empty vs when it is stuffed full!

#4 — Up, Up and Away

That’s right, the Catherine Tote was the perfect bag for our vacation.  I was shocked that I could carry enough extras to surprise the kids and entertain them during our plane ride.  I was also excited that it had so much room that I could bring back the few small souvenirs that I picked up while traveling.  It really was a tote to maximize my vacation.  Plus when I emptied stuff out in the hotel room, it was still looking great when I carried very little in it.

#3 — To the Beach and Beyond

Everyone knows that you need a great tote when you head to the beach.  I loved that the Catherine tote was able to carry all of my beach essentials in one bag.  I could fit a beach towel, magazine, sunglasses, flip flops, and sunscreen all in there.  It was a great accompaniment to my outfit for beach day too.  I love that it still looked stylish and cute and that sand easily brushed right off of it.

#2 — To the Gym

Another place that the Catherine Tote has traveled with me is to the gym!  I love that I was able to carry it with a spare pair of shoes, extra clothes to change into, and make up that I needed for touch ups.  I was able to go to the gym and actually get ready for work afterwards without it being a question of how I was going to present myself.  (On a side note, I work mainly from home but part time from the gym’s childcare room!)

#1 — Everywhere I Have Needed to Go

Rarely do I find a bag that can really go everywhere with me.  This one has honestly been the perfect tote.  I have taken it to church, to the beach, to plays, to activities, board meetings, shows, and more.  I have never found a place where it was not too dressy or just too casual.  I have also been able to use it as a laptop bag when traveling or heading to the coffee shop to work.

Catherine Tote

So I have to admit that I LOVE The Simply Vera Wang Catherine Tote and think that you will love it too!  The best part is that is a great price and a bag that truly is a great value!