10 Reasons I Wear Sleeveless Shirts Year Round with Simply Vera Wang


Simply Vera Wang offers some adorable sleeveless tops.  This summer I got a few and I was pumped because sleeveless tops are a basic in my wardrobe year round.  In fact, I almost wear a sleeveless top every single day of the year and I live in Illinois where part of our winter is quite harsh.  People always ask why I love my sleeveless tops so much so I thought that I would share with them and write a little blog post for all of you.  I also thought that I would show off those favorite sleeveless tops from Simply Vera Wang while I shared these ten reasons that I wear sleeveless tops year round.

10.  Comfort!

I am a mom so comfort is key.  I hate when I feel like I can’t move or I feel like my arms are too tight in layers of shirts.  The sleeveless top makes wearing sweaters and jackets even more comfortable.  I LOVE the Embellished Tank in Grape Shake!  I love that it is so comfortable while adding so much style and flare.


9.  They’re Slimming

As someone who tends to carry a few extra pounds on my frame, I like to choose styles that are flattering and slimming.  One of the things that I love most about wearing tanks year round is that they offer me the ability to have a nice slimming base layer.  They also allow me to always have a nice look for the base layer.  With the Textured Tank you will have a nice slimming look that is going to really add to your wardrobe regardless of what you wear with it.

VW Textured Tank

8.  Perfect Under Jackets

When you are looking for fall, it is important to consider how something will look until a jacket or blazer.  One of the things that I love about tanks is that they are a great way to add a POP! of color underneath your jacket.  This adorable Scoopneck Tank from the Simply Vera Wang Collection is perfect for just that.

VW Scoopneck Tank

7.  Dressed Down Can Look Dressed Up

Another thing that I love is that dressed down looks can really look dressed up.  I love leggings year round.  Let’s face it, leggings are soooo comfortable.  One of the things that I really love is being able to use something that should be dressed down like leggings to actually look stylish, well put together, and dressed up.  The Linen Blend V Neck Tank is one choice that would be adorable with leggings.  You can throw a cardigan or cute blazer over it and make it perfect for any time of the year too!

VW Linen Blend V Neck Tank

6.  Perfect for Layering

I LOVE layers.  Not only do I think that layers are adorable on, but I love that layers allow you to remove clothing if it gets hot.  I hate being overheated or sweating especially when I’m in public, and thanks to layering with the perfect tank….I don’t have to be!  The Print High Low Tank is great for layering with a variety of different styles of pants and pieces.

VW High Low Hem Tank

5.  Can Offer  the Element of Surprise!

Who doesn’t like to have a wardrobe that offers high impact and style.  One of the things that I really love is that you can get the element of surprise with your wardrobe.  The Lace Top is a great piece to add to your wardrobe to have a little bit of surprise in your outfit.

VW Lace Top

4.  Casual Doesn’t Mean Style-Less

One thing I see far too often is that women seem to think that style doesn’t matter when they are being casual.  I see so many walking around in oversized t-shirts and a pair of jeans.  Being comfortable doesn’t mean that you have to give up all style.  I love to pair a cute printed tank with a zip up hoodie and pair of jeans.  Even if I am wearing tennis shoes (which I RARELY do) this combination looks adorable!  The Ribbed Flower Tank from the Simply Vera Wang Collection is just perfect for this!

VW Ribbed Flower Tank

3.  Sequins Don’t Have to Be Immature

Another huge fashion mistake that I see women make all of the time is that they do not know how to appropriately wear sequins for their age.  As a mid-thirties woman, I know that too much bling can just make it look like I am trying too hard.  I love how the Sequin Embellished Tank offers just the right amount of bling for any woman regardless of age.  I have so many tanks that have this level of bling and I get compliments when I am wearing them which makes me feel great!

VW Sequin Embellished Tank

2.  Adds Excitement

I love that I can choose a tank that adds to the excitement of my wardrobe.  One of the things that really adds to excitement is different types of materials and hem styles.  I love the Mixed Media Asymmetrical Tank.  This one has two different types of material mixed in there with a unique hemline that is going to add a little excitement even if you are just trying to keep it simple.

VW Mixed Media Asymetrical Tank

1.  Makes Fashion Thoughtless

Finally, the number one reason that I LOVE tanks and sleeveless tops year round is that they make my fashion picks thoughtless.  These great pieces can really be thrown on with jeans, leggings, or shorts and can easily be worn any day of the year.  They can be layered under or over other pieces without looking bulky and really can add to the overall style element of any outfit.  Plus they are flattering on every single body type.  You can also use them to add a pop of color or unique style element.  I am literally obsessed with the Jacquard Tank and all that it can offer any wardrobe.

VW Jacquard Tank

One of the best things about all of the great tanks and sleeveless shirts that were featured in this post is that you can pick them up for a great price from the Simply Vera Wang collection at Kohls.  These and the other tops available are all great additions to your wardrobe.