Summer’s Coming and You Know the Hottest Place to Be is Summer Camp Music Festival 2016


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The 16th annual Summer Camp Music Festival is going to be one amazing weekend of music and fun.  Each year, I fall a little more in love with my Summer Camp family.  Yes the people in my family change from time to time but I can always be certain that it is going to be a good time.  As a mom, I have found that festivals are no longer the same that they were without kids….but that does not mean that I still can not go and have an amazing time.  Actually, when my children go with me, it becomes a magical family experience that is honestly one of our children’s favorites.

The 2016 Summer Camp Music Festival Line Up

Of course one of the first things that you are going to want to check out is the line up for this year’s festival.  The bands that are coming this year include old favorites as well as new bands that I want to check out and bands that I have always wanted to see.

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Get Your Tickets Now….Before It’s Too Late

Of course, you are going to want to pick up your tickets so that you can see all of the amazing talent that will be at Summer Camp Music Festival 2016.  You can get your tickets here.