Summer Wardrobes for Baby and Toddler Boys from Zutano


We all know that when it comes to infant and toddler clothes that I have a few favorite brands. One of my favorites is Zutano. I love the bright colors, fun prints, and everything about this brand that is known for its comfort. It is a perfect brand for any infant or toddler boy. There are so many pieces that I want to share with you so that you know about the spring and summer wardrobe.

Zutano Logo

The Zutano line for little boys has it all….pants, jackets, rompers, shorts, shirts, and even accessories. The best part is that the entire line comes to you in colors and prints that coordinate beautifully for each and every outfit that you are hoping to find.

I love so many of the pieces that I wanted to share with you my top ten picks for the summer for your infant and toddler boys. The best part is that if you pick up these ten pieces, you can mix and match your way to so many outfits. This means that if you have limited space or limited income that you can mix and match as many outfits as you’d like. How fun will it be to make sure that you get the exact outfits that you want without having to spend a fortune or have a dresser full of clothes. Sometimes less really is more!

Ten Pieces for a Perfect Baby Boy Wardrobe


Zutano 1

Splish Splash Baby Short Sleeve Screen Tee $18

Zutano 1

Periwinkle Multi Stripe Short Sleeve Tee $18

Sing Along Baby Baseball Screen Tee $22

Big E Screen Baby Boy Shirt $27


zutano 4

Orange Baby Shorts $14

Pagoda Baby French Terry Big Pocket Shorts $32

Enzos Elephants Baby Pants $19.50

zutano 3

Pool Terry Baby Pants $26.50


zutano 5

Enzos Elephants Baby Reveresible Hoodie $44

Pool Cozy Baby Contrast Hoodie $43.50

If you decide that you have extra money, then there are some adorable accessories that you should add to the pile. I would highly recommend a hat and a pair of booties.


zutano 6

Pool Baby Hat $10.50


zutano 7

Enzos Elephants Baby Booties $21.50

Ten Pieces for the Perfect Toddler Boy Summer Wardrobe


Car Tunes Toddler Short Sleeve Screen Tee $22

Zutano 1

Traffic Screen Toddler Baseball Tee $24

Colorful Cars Toddler Polo Shirt $29

Periwinkle Mutli Stripe Toddler Polo Shirt $29


zutano 8

Colorful Cars Toddler Treehouse Shorts $28

zutano 9

Pool Toddler Bike Shorts $16.50

zutano 10

Navy Terry Toddler Pants $29

Mandarin Toddler Matchstick Jean $36


Navy Toddler French Terry Zipper Jacket $40

zutano 11

Colorful Cars Toddler Reversible Hoodie $48.50

As you can see Zutano can make shopping easier for parents by offering the right clothing choices for perfectly matched outfits. They are also a great choice for vacations and trips because you can get everything that you are looking for with pieces that mix and match so easily that your little one is always the perfect vision of style even when you are trying to pack light.