Oriental Trading Make Teacher Gifts, Classroom Projects, and Craft Days Easier for Moms


I have to admit that I am addicted to shopping with Oriental Trading. I am constantly ordering from there even when I am not doing a review. There are so many wonderful things that you can create with your children when you are shopping at Oriental Trading.

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This winter I have been working on a few crafts. Sadly, I am posting this review way later than I had planned because of illness and a near hospital stay for myself, I ended up crafting with my kiddos last minute and finishing these up tonight.

Snowman Jar Craft

One of the best winter crafts that I was able to come up with were these adorable snowman jars. The greatest thing about them is that these were done by my four year old! I am actually using this as the classroom craft for the two classrooms that I am volunteering and making crafts for.

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I also used it as a teacher gift by filling it with candy and gift certificates to a few local places (coffee and a candy store/lunch place).

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This was really easy to create and you only need a few things. Now I will admit that I had high hopes for these Ceramic Mini Flower Pots ($14.50/dozen). I wanted to paint them white and then create the snowmen out of them. Instead they were left plain because after my illness I just did not have the time to do what I wanted to. The great thing is that they are still adorable and this made the craft so much easier.

Basically all that you need is acrylic paints in black, orange, white, and red (price varies) and q-tips. Yes, simple q-tips help the kids to get the circles right and make it possible for them to do everything else. Plus, if you are like me and don’t want to clean paint brushes after a class is done, then you can just toss them.

Adorable Hand Made Books

Another thing that I love is these cute handmade books that we were able to create for the kids’ teachers. We made them into “10 Things I Like About Mrs ____” but there is really so much more that you could personally do with them. We are thinking about making them for grandparents and other family members if we have the time.

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All you need for these are crayons or markers, an ink pen, and the DIY Board Books ($7.50/3 pieces). Here are a few of my favorite pages from the books that my littles were able to create.

oriental 4 oriental 5 oriental 6 oriental 7 oriental 8 oriental 9

As you can tell, Oriental Trading can really make your life easier when you are trying to do it all and be a great mom. There is so much that you can offer and so much that you can do when you are trying to create the perfect personalized gift! Plus Oriental Trading offers the best prices that I have seen on these types of items