Easy Fall and Halloween Decoration Crafts with Oriental Trading


So we have been getting crafty here at the Walton house.  In fact we have been whipping up some adorable fall/Halloween themed crafts as teacher’s gifts and to sit out around our house (grandma and grandpa might have gotten a few too!).

Two Quick Crafts for Family and Friends

oriental trading 1

Craft 1 — Candy Corn Jars

oriental trading 4

These little candy corn jars are quite simple.  There is not much that you are going to need and you can get it all at Oriental Trading.

What You’ll Need

*DIY Ceramic Mini Flower Pots $14.50/12

*Paintbrushes (I like the Plaid White Nylon Paintbrushes $7.20/10 brushes of different shapes and sizes)

*Yellow Acrylic Paint $4.15

*White Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Black Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Orange Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Masking Tape

Steps to Create Candy Corn Jars

Step 1 — Tape he Middle Stripe

Take one jar and the masking tape and go around making a stripe in the middle of the jar.  I used two pieces of masking tape so that this middle stripe area was completely covered.

Step 2 — Paint the Bottom Stripe White

Have your child (or paint this yourself if you are doing them) paint the bottom stripe white.  Then set these aside until that stripe is dry.

Step 3 — Paint the Top Stripe Yellow

Next paint the top stripe yellow.  Then set this aside until the yellow tape is dry.

Step 4 — Untape and Tape Again

Next you will want to take the masking tape off and then retape along the edges so that your child can easily paint the middle section without messing up the stripes.

Step 5 — Paint the Middle Section Orange

Have your child paint the middle stripe orange now.  Then set this aside to dry.

Step 6 — Untape

Take the tape off of the jar.

Step 7 — Decorate

Now you can skip this step if you do not want to decorate.  We chose to paint the teacher’s initial on the jar.

Step 8 — Fill the Jar

You can fill these cute jars with anything that you want.  We are going to be filling them with mini erasers, pencils, and other things that teachers might need.  We also made one for a Secret Sister exchange for Girl Scouts and we are filling this one with candy corn.

Craft 2 — Easy 2 Step Ghosts

oriental trading 3

These cute ghosts were so simple that you will love creating them with your children.

What You’ll Need

*DIY Ceramic Flower Pots $14.50/12

*Paintbrushes (The Plaid Paintbrush Super Value Pack is a great deal since you get 25 brushes for $7.20!)

*White Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Black Acrylic Paint $4.15

2 Steps to Create Your Ghosts

Step 1 — Paint the Jars White

Turn your jars upside down and paint them white.  Let this dry.

Step 2 — Create Fun Ghost Faces

Next paint on fun ghost faces with black paint.

oriental trading 2

Both of these crafts are cute and fun.  Plus they both make great gifts.  They are so simple that you will enjoy creating them with your children.  Plus they do not create too much of a mess or a headache.