Create Your Own “I Can Dress Myself Drawer” for Your Toddler Boy with Zutano


I will never forget how hard it was to watch my sons try to dress themselves.  When they were toddlers they were so independent and they wanted nothing to do with me.  In fact they refused help and when I would try to offer a suggestion it was the last thing that they would wear.  There were many times that I chose not to leave the house or run errands that I needed to in order to allow them to wear whatever it was that they had picked out for that day.

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I was lucky enough to have discovered Zutano by the time that my second son was a toddler.  Sadly I did not have this luck with my first son so he was mismatched a lot of the time when he was determined to pick out things on his own.  My second son never looked mismatched because he has his “I can dress myself  drawer” that was filled with mix and match pieces that paired perfectly from Zutano.  If you are trying to create your own “I can dress myself drawer.”

How to Create Your Own “I Can Dress Myself Drawer”

Step 1 — Pick The Right Drawer

You need to pick out a drawer that your toddler can easily reach.  He needs to be able to open this drawer on his own.  For us the bottom drawer has always worked best to house our “I Can Dress Myself” collection of Zutano clothing.

Step 2 — Get Started with the Tops

When picking out tops you need to make sure that they all have the same basic color scheme.  This is going to ensure that you get pants that are easily going to match all of the tops.

Here are my current favorites from Zutano:


Ride Your Bike Toddler Long Sleeve Screen Tee $22


Tailslide Toddler Long Sleeve Screen Tee $22


A to Z Toddler Short Sleeve Screen Tee $22


Navy & White Stripe Toddler Short Sleeve Shirt $22


Beep Toddler Polo Shirt $29

Step 3 — Pick Out Bottoms to Match

Depending on the season you can pick shorts or pants.  I am choosing pants now since it is fall and will soon be going into winter.  If it were spring or summer I would choose some shorts too.


Charcoal Waffle Cozie Toddler Pant $28


Navy Terry Toddler Pants $29


Tan Toddler Woven Pants $36


Navy Toddler Matchstick Jeans $36


Mandarin Terry Toddler Pants $29

Being able to mix and match these 10 pieces is going to give your little boy 25 outfits to choose from.  This means that he is not going to get bored with the clothes that he has to pick from.  Plus you can add additional pieces when Zutano brings out new lines.

Step 4 — Add Some Pieces for Layering

My son has always loved to layer.  I do not know if it is because he gets cold easily or if it has to do with him actually enjoying the idea of layering.  One of the things that I love about Zutano is that they offer a wide range of choices for layering as well.  Here are a few that you can add to his special drawer.  One great thing is that this addition will up his number of outfits to mix and match to over 100!


Charcoal Waffle Cozie Toddler Reversible Vest $33


Charcoal Waffle Cozie Toddler Wrap Hoodie $46.50


Navy and Apple Stripe Toddler Reversible Hoodie $48.50


Navy Cozy Toddler Contrast Hoodie $48


Navy Toddler French Terry Zipper Jacket $40

Step 5 — Step Back and Let Your Son Do It on His Own

With these 15 pieces it will be easy for your toddler aged son to get dressed on his own.  You can step back or even walk away and whatever he picks out is going to look great together.  Thanks to Zutano your job as a parent just got a little bit easier and isn’t that what we all really want?