10 Pieces, 55 Outfits for Newborn Baby Boys with Zutano


When I was shopping for my little boys, I will admit that I struggled.  There just did not seem to be a great assortment of adorable baby boy clothes.  Once I found Zutano I felt surprised and shocked at just how cute the clothes were.  Another thing that I discovered was that I never needed to worry about my son having something cute to wear.  The clothes give you choices that you can easily mix and match to create a wide range of different looks.  Since babies grow out of their clothes so quickly it doesn’t make sense to buy a ton of different outfits.  However it isn’t much fun when you see your baby wearing the same thing all of the time.  Being able to pick out these great mix and match clothes will give you everything that you are looking for.

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Here is a look at some adorable pieces that when worn individually or together can really offer you some adorable outfits and allow you to stay within a set budget.  Plus you will love thee high quality, always soft materials, and never fading vibrant colors that the brand brings to you.

Preemie and Newborn Easy Mix and Match Pieces for Boys



Le Chien Newborn Short Sleeve Body Wrap $20


Beep Newborn Short Sleeve Body Wrap $20


Le Chien Newborn Kimono Top $22


Vroom Newborn Kmono Top $22


Beep Beep Newborn Kimono Top $22



Mandarin Newborn Pants $16.50


Periwinkle Newborn Pants $16.50


Navy & White Stripe Newborn Pants $19.50


Orange Candy Stripe Footed Pant $19.50


Periwinkle Candy Stripe Footed Pant $19.50

10 Pieces…So What’s the Big Deal?

The big deal with these awesome ten pieces is that you can do so much with them.  You can actually mix, match, and layer these pieces to  create an impressive 55 outfits.  This is really nice when it comes to newborn clothes since they grow out of them so quickly.  You will be able to change up their looking without investing a ton of money into the clothes.

One Piece Outfits

One piece outfits can really build your collection and offer you more options for your little ones.  I understand that they do not mix and match as well so they are not as big of a bang for your buck.  However there are some one piece outfits that you are going to need when you have a newborn.  This collection will give you a few more outfit options and will offer you the ease and comfort of one piece outfits.


Le Chien Newborn Henley Bodysuit $26


Vroom Newborn Henley Bodysuit $26


Beep Beep Newborn Henley Bodysuit $26


Le Chien Newborn Footie $29


Beep Beep Newborn Footie $29


Vroom Newborn Footie $29


Le Chien Newborn Receiving Gown $25


Vroom Newborn Receiving Gown $25


The following accessories can really change up your new baby’s outfits and offer you a ton of bang for your buck.  In fact, they can offer you a unique look with different pieces, more options with your looks and so much more.  It is a great way to increase the number of outfits and looks that you have by simply changing up the accessories.


Madarin Cozy Newborn Booties $21


Mandarin Cozy Newborn Hat $14.50


Vroom Baby Bib $11


Le Chien Baby Bib $11


Le Chien Newborn Hat $10.50


Beep Beep Newborn Hat $10.50


Vroom Newborn Hat $10.50


Vroom Newborn Booties $21


Le Chien Newborn Booties $21

Still Not Enough?

If that is still not enough for you, you can choose toys and blankets that match your baby’s clothing collection.  This will give you the perfect opportunity to go anywhere and everywhere with your little one always in style.


Vroom Baby Blanket $38


Road Trip Bed Time Buddy $14


Road Trip Plush Activity Toy $14

There are so many adorable options with Zutano that it really is a brand to fall in love with.  The amazing mix and match options make it easy for your little one to always be in style and to have a lot of different options from just a few items.