Endless Hours of Fun with the Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer


I have to admit that I have always wanted to own my own bounce house.  Something about a bounce house is just so fun that it made me want to jump on and go for a spin.  The thing is that I had just not bought one because I could not figure out which would best meet my family’s needs.  Then I saw the Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer and knew instantly that my search for the perfect bounce house was over.  I thought I would share a short story with you about how as a mom the Big Ol Bouncer is my saving grace.

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Moms Everywhere Unite, You Need a Little Bounce in Your Life

As a mom of four children I often find that someone is always crying and at least two kids are always fighting.  I go crazy during the day listening to them cry and scream all of the time.  Thankfully now that I own a great bounce house I am able to just let them jump that energy out.  Yes, that is true they literally bounce all of the time and when they are bouncing no one is crying and no one is fighting.  Now I will also admit that as a busy mom of four I rarely have time to exercise like I should.  I would have never guessed that bounce houses could be such a great workout either.  You are going to love the toning and weight loss that you see from simply jumping around and having fun.  Word of warning….jumping in a bounce house is much harder than it looks and it does require a bit of athleticism.

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How to Choose the Perfect Bounce House for Your Family — 5 Tips You Can Really Use

Choose a Bounce House that Will House Your Whole Family

One thing that is great about the Big Ol Bouncer is that it offers you twice the standard square foot space as other bouncers.  This means that my whole family can bounce together and we are not packed in there too tight where it would hurt the bounce house.  We are also not close to breaking any weight limits.  So make sure that you pick up a bounce house that your kiddos are going to be comfortable jumping in.  Had I purchased a regular size bounce house, which I contemplated before doing this review, I would have been disappointed because the four of my children would have never been able to bounce together.  It just would have been too small.

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Look for a Brand You Can Trust

I am sure that you have all seen the YouTube videos of bounce houses breaking while people are in them.  I was excited to work with Blast Zone because they are one of the top rated brands for inflatables.  I love knowing that we have a great brand and one that I am not going to be worrying the whole time while the kids are bouncing.

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Choose a Bounce House with Added Safety Features

Finding a bounce house that has all of the safety features that you are looking for can be tough.  I love that the Big Ol Bouncer has a secure closure on the net and that the bounce house has nice tall sides.  Even when my kids accidentally bounce into the walls, they just tumble right back onto the bounce area.  Safety precautions are important to me with this type of toy because of the potential for accidents.

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Look at the Power Source for the Bounce House

One of the things that we really love about the Big Ol Bouncer is the fan and how it works.  It is a nice high quality fan and it stakes into the ground so that you do not have to worry about accidents.  The bounce house also has a ton of stakes so you can be sure that it is secured as well.  I love that there have not been any issues with the fan nor have I noticed it making any weird noises even after prolonged bouncing.

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Check Out the Warranty

Now when I have been looking at other bouncers I was surprised by how many of them did not have warranties.  Thankfully Blast Zone offers you a full one year warranty on the fan/motor and the inflatable.  This means that you have got nothing to worry about for a full year which is something that I really appreciated.

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As moms we all struggle to find the things to entertain our kids.  Now if you are feeling extra adventurous or just love water sports then you should check out all that Blast Zone has to offer by following this link:   http://www.blastzone.com/shop/pc/Inflatable-Water-Parks-c3.htm.  The brand also has a full line of commercial bounce houses which you can check out through this link if you have considered owning your own business: http://www.blastzonecommercial.com/shop/pc/home.asp.