Looking for Answers — A Bit of What Has Been Happening in My Life


So as you might have noticed, things have been a bit slow around here at Simply Shawn N Jenn.  Well I have been struggling with how to talk about what all has been happening in my life.  There has been a lot going on and seriously I feel like parts of my world are crumbling around me.

Althea L

While we were in Kansas City over spring break Althea, my 6 year old, passed out and was unresponsive for a full 2 minutes.  She was with her grandma and her aunt as she had stayed the night there the night before.  Of course my husband and I left the hotel right after getting the phone call and drove to her.  We took  her to a prompt care and were told to take her to the children’s hospital to the ER, which is where we went.

Althea O

They ran a few labs and told us that she was dehydrated.  Then sent us home.  This did not sound right to me so I took her to her doctor when we got home.  He ran some further testing, again with everything looking okay but we still had concerns based on a few things from her medical history so we were sent on for more testing and to see more doctors.

This past week was pretty busy with these appointments.  We went to see a pediatric cardiologist on Tuesday and then she had an EEG, MRI, echocardiogram, and was fitted for a 24 hour heart monitor test on Wednesday.  We have received results from the EEG and the MRI and it looks like everything is good from those.

Althea V

The biggest concern for me came after she saw the cardiologist.  She told me that she does have a slight murmur which alone is nothing to worry about.  However, she then told me that she was very concerned that something was wrong and that we were just not catching it.  So that was the reason for all of the heart tests.  I guess the waiting game is going to be pretty stressful because I am so worried about my little girl.

Althea E

I am posting to say sorry if I have seemed a bit distant lately or like I am not interested in posting for you all.  I also wanted to share with you so that you could say a few prayers and maybe share with some friends so that they will be praying too.  We appreciate all of the prayers that we can get at this time and I will keep you all updated as things progress.