A Classic Choice for Spring Weddings, Mother’s Day, and More


Feltman Brothers has been around for a long time.  In fact the company has been around since 1916.  That’s right, next year they will have been around for 100 years making classic baby, toddler, and children’s clothes.

Feltman Brothers logo

Of course classic does not mean outdated.  These close are beautifully vintage inspired designs that are made from high quality materials and are completely comfortable for your little one to wear.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite designs from Feltman Brothers and the great places where your little one could wear them.

A Beautiful Choice for Spring and Summer Weddings

Almost every family is going to be invited to at least one wedding this spring or summer.  Planning what you are going to wear to a wedding can be super challenging.  When you shop at Feltman Brothers you will be able to easily pick up clothing for your children that is going to be perfectly suited to wedding season.

For Your Baby Boy

Feltman Brothers 1

The Boy’s Two With Car Embroidery ($53.95) is perfect for your baby boy.  It is a classic choice that is going to look great regardless of where the wedding is taking place.

Baby Girl

Feltman Brothers 2

The Bishop Dress with Pearls ($70.99) is the perfect choice for your baby girl during a wedding.  It is beautiful but simple, timeless, and classic.

Toddler Boy

Feltman Brothers 3

The Smocked Body Suit ($59.95) is a fun choice for your toddler.  It offers function and style with classic details and designs that make it perfect for a wedding.

Toddler Girl

Feltman Brothers 4

The Rose Garden Dress ($61.99) is beautiful and will make your toddler shine at any wedding that you attend.  It offers perfect timeless qualities while being made from comfortable but cool high quality materials.

Classic Styles to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and many moms find the day to be full of stress.  There are usually cameras out and you are sure to want your little ones looking great for pictures.  Well stop stressing and start shopping at Feltman Brothers.  If you shop now you can get your favorite outfit just in time to celebrate your special day.

Baby Boy

Feltman Brothers 5

The Boys 2 Piece Shortall with Appliqued Train ($53.85) offers moms the chance to have their baby boys in classic styles while spending their special day together.

Baby Girl

Feltman Brothers 6

The Girls Diaper Set with Scalloped Edges ($43.50) is a beautiful choice for any baby girl during your Mother’s Day celebrations.

Toddler Boy

Feltman Brothers 7

The Boys Cardigan with Rolled Edge ($39.95) is the perfect lightweight choice for your toddler to wear this Mother’s Day.  It will help keep him warm in air conditioned rooms (if you live somewhere warm) or outside in the cool air (if you live somewhere cooler).  It is adorable as well and can be dressed up or down to help fit your little one’s personality.

Toddler Girl

Feltman Brothers 8

The Sleeveless Dress with Pintucks and Lace ($63.99) is a gorgeous choice that is going to leave your little lady looking gorgeous next to you all day long.

Feltman Brothers produces beautiful high quality clothing.  Recently I was sent a dress to check out with Adeline.  She really likes the material of the dress and it has been one of her favorite choices when she gets to pick out her own clothes.  As you can tell from looking at these adorable classic styles, there really is no wrong time to choose Feltman Brothers for your child.