Planning Your Perfect Easter


Do you try to make every single holiday perfect for your children?  I struggle with trying to make holidays perfect for my four children.  One of the things that I tend to do is make things too big for them.  I tend to go WAY overboard and this year I decided that it was time to spend time thinking about the things that are more important than gifts.  So we have decided to cut back some with our children.  However I am determined to make this year’s holidays just as great as the holidays from the past.  We are just doing things differently.

girly twirly

Steps for the Perfect Easter

Step 1 — Find the Baskets

The first step for me when planning the perfect Easter was to find the perfect baskets for my kids.  I chose the following adorable baskets from the The Girly Twirly Gift Company and have been very impressed with the quality, size, style, and choices that were available.  I was able to get something for each of the kids and was able to find the perfect choices thanks to all of the options that were available.

The Pink Polka Dot Personalized Treat Bucket ($18) was perfect for Adeline.  This bucket is adorable and girly and she was able to easily carry it with her when she was getting eggs.  It is the perfect basket choice for a little one.

girly twirly 3

The Navy Stripe Personalized Easter Mini Tote ($18) was perfect for Andrew.  He is going to be able to use it again and it is easily filled with age appropriate items for my tween.

girly twirly 6

The Lime Monogrammed Mini Market Tote ($26) was a great choice for Huxley.  He was able to carry it when it was full of eggs at the egg hunt and it is just the right size for him to enjoy.

girly twirly 5

The Aqua Seahorse Personalized Large Market Tote ($36) was also great for Althea.  I love the design on this one and think that it is just too cute.  I had let the kids pick out which colors and prints they liked this year and I was so excited when she picked out the seahorses.

girly twirly 4

I would highly recommend The Girly Twirly Gift Company for all of your Easter basket needs.  If you do not need Easter baskets still these would be perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week gifts, Mother’s Day or those upcoming baby showers that we all have this spring.

Step 2 — Think of a Theme

One thing that I think looks cute is when Easter baskets have a theme.  This year I chose items that would fill our Easter baskets that fit different themes.  Huxley’s theme was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Adeline’s theme were her favorites — ponies and Frozen, Althea’s was Frozen, and Andrew’s was all about things that he enjoys.

Step 3 — Choose Practical Gifts

I have always picked up a ton of little Easter themed stuff for the kids’ baskets in the past.  This year I was determined to do things differently.  So they each received a water bottle which is a practical gift since we use water bottles all of the time.

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Step 4 — Find Things to Help Make Your Kids Smarter

I love finding gifts that make my kids smarter.  This year each of their Easter baskets have two age appropriate books in them.  I chose books that were part of their themes too!

Step 5 — Throw In Something for Fun

My kids love bubbles so I threw bubbles in their Easter baskets so that they’d have something that was a little fun in there as well.  This is a cheap little filler that made their baskets more fun.  I also added one bigger item (a projector night light for the middle two, coloring book and crayons for Adeline, and an IOU for Andrew for some hooks that he wants  for his medals to be displayed in his room — they don’t sell these locally or online but they sell them in KC where we are going the day after Easter!).  Plus I added one or two small eggs that are filled with treats.  The baskets are cute and definitely not overdone as they have been in the past.

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