How to Choose the Right Cloth Diapers for Your Needs with SmartiPants


I will admit that cloth diapering actually become something that I became addicted to.  I tried many different brands, styles and fits.  For the longest time pocket diapers were my favorite but it was not until recently that I checked out SmartiPants for the first time.  I hate it that I just discovered these during our nighttime only diapering phase because I love them so much.

smarti pants

For a few moments after receiving my SmartiPants diaper I even dreamed of having a new baby to put in the adorable diaper.  That dream only lasted a moment since I am 100% content with my family size and the fact that we are not going to be having any babies (at least not unless we have a miracle baby one day).

When it comes to choosing the right cloth diapers for your personal needs there are many things that you will have to consider and think about.  I like to think that if you choose to think smart that you can answer your own questions and find the right cloth diapers without a lot of headaches.

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One thing that I personally love about the SmartiPants diaper and accessory line is that they help you to think smart when you are cloth diapering.  The company was started by a mom who was similar to myself in that she was a mom of four.  She was looking for an affordable and easy way to cloth diaper.  If you have been in the market for cloth diapers for longer than five years then you will understand that finding affordable pocket diapers that are high in quality has not always been that easy.

Eight Reasons You Are Smart to Choose SmartiPants

1.  SmartiPants are made in the USA.  You probably all know by now that finding products that are high in quality and made in the US is something that I am particularly passionate about.  I love that SmartiPants are high in quality and that they are made here in the US by mothers.

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2.  SmartiPants is a company that is dedicated to being 100% green.  This means that they think about the way that their products are going to impact the environment when they are developing them.

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3.  SmartiPants feature a leak free technology.  I can not begin to explain to you how frustrating it was as a new cloth diapering mom to deal with different brands of diapers that we had leaks with.  One of the best things that I have found in SmartiPants is that they really are leak free diapers.

Smarti pants 4

4.  SmartiPants keeps your baby dry.  These specially designed diapers pull the moisture away from your baby in order to keep them dry. I have loved using these for nighttime with my little one because even if she has an accident I can be assured that she is going to wake up dry.

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5.  SmartiPants are made from breathable fibers.  This means that your child is going to be less likely to break out from them.  In the past I was no so lucky as to be able to find diapers that offered breathable fibers like these and I can now say that I wish that I had.  I had one child who was very sensitive to everything and even certain cloth diapers broke him out.  I know if SmartiPants had been a brand that we had tried that he would not have had the problems that he had with rashes.

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6.  SmartiPants are so much safer for your baby than disposables.  You are not putting harmful chemicals next to your baby’s skin.  There are no irritants or other additions to the diapers that you will be surprised to learn about later.  I was shocked to learn that even some other cloth diaper brands have chemicals added to them for one purpose or another but this is not the case with SmartiPants.

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7.  SmartiPants are a smart choice if you are struggling financially or on a fixed budget.  They are a smart choice if you have extra money laying around too because why pay more for something when you can have it for less.  SmartiPants are known as being the most affordable cloth diaper choice.  A single SmartiPants diaper is $14.95 but when you start to purchase more you get a great discount.  Three SmartiPants diapers will run you $36.95, twelve is just $144.95, 24 is $279.95, and 36 is just $399.  This is a HUGE savings in comparison to some other brands.

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8.  SmariPants are a smart choice for the environment.  You will not be contributing to the problem of overly full landfills when you have your child in SmartiPants diapers.

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