Shake the Crave Week # 9 — Making Your Diet Work For You


I can not stress enough that Shake the Crave is the first diet that has worked for me since Adeline has been born.  Today I would like to share with you some questions that I have been asked and to stress that in order for you to make your diet work that you have to pick the one that is meant for you.

Has being on Shake the Crave been easy?

No.  It has still been a lot of good old fashioned hard work.

Do you think that Shake the Crave will work for everyone?

While I do not believe that any diet plan is made for everyone, I do believe that Shake the Crave is something that could benefit everyone.

What are your biggest struggles with dieting?

I love food!!  I say this and then giggle when I am typing it.  I have not always loved food.  In fact for many years I had a hatred for food.  Right now my focus is on trying to teach myself to love the right foods.

What is your best piece of dieting advice?

My best piece of advice about dieting is that you should not diet.  Instead you should focus on real lifestyle changes that are going to help you reach your health and fitness level goals.

What type of work out do you suggest?

I suggest any type of work out that you feel comfortable with.  This is my personal biggest struggle because I am terrible with being dedicated enough to work out.  I keep saying that I am going to start next week and next week ever happens.  My biggest piece of advice with this is to just do it.

Is there a better time to start with Shake the Crave?

Anytime that you are ready to embark on your own journey is a great time to start with Shake the Crave.

shake the crave

Who should start their own Shake the Crave journey?

Anyone who is struggling and trying to lose weight or get in better shape should be on their own Shake the Crave journey.  Remember that anyone can have a journey and that their journey can work around their needs and wants.

Is there help for those who start?

I am always here to talk and there are lots of places where you can go for support or help with getting started on  a weight loss/better health journey.

Are you a part of any diet/weight loss support groups?

I personally follow a few people on facebook and am part of a runners’ group even though I do not run.  I do not have a membership in any type of diet or weight loss groups at this time.  I would love this support in the future but find that right now there is just too much in my life to add anything else.

What do you think about these?

I think that diet and weight loss groups are great as long as they offer support for everyone.  It is important that these be focused on healthy living and healthy weight loss not some type of contest for who can do a better job.

What are your top ten tips for weight loss success?

1.  Always keep trying and never give up.

2.  If one thing does not work, try something new.

3.  Stop saying tomorrow.

4.  Instead of binging, allow yourself the treats that you love most in limited quantities.

5.  Write down everything that you eat.

6.  Be accountable.  Find someone who you can check in with daily and be accountable to.

7.  Try new foods.

8.  Change your entire family’s meals to reflect your healthier goals.

9.  Tell others that you are on a journey.

10.  Ask for help when you need it most.

Remember that you can reach your health and weight loss goals, just like I can reach mine.  The biggest thing to remember is that you must keep going no matter what.