How Dora and Friends Can Make a Positive Impact on Your Daughters


I have to admit that there are not many TV shows for children that I will actually sit and watch.  I try not to have the TV on too often for my kids.  In fact, my general rule of thumb is to use the TV when I need to get things done but to keep it off other times throughout the day.  Well, I have caught myself sitting with my girls and watching Dora and Friends: Into the City.

Dora and Friends

I am a little late to share this adventure with you as Dora and Friends:  Into the City was released on DVD a few weeks ago on February 10th.  Nickelodeon has really seemed to do it again with this series that features a grown up version of Dora.  I wanted to share a few of my personal thoughts about how Dora and Friends is a great show for your daughters to watch.

Dora and Friends 2

Ten Reasons Dora and Friends Is Good For Your Little Girls

1.  Dora and her friends dress appropriately.

In a world that seems to want our daughters to grow up too quickly, it can be refreshing to find a TV show where little girls dress like little girls.

2.  It can help promote a positive body image.

So many cartoons and TV shows feature body images that are not easily obtained.  In fact, most cartoons feature body images that are not natural.  However in Dora and Friends your daughter is going to see cartoon characters that have a body shape similar to their own.

3.  It teaches you can be friends with everyone.

There are children from different ethnic backgrounds.  Plus Dora is friends with boys and girls.

4.  The series teaches problem solving skills.

While some parents might not have been fans of Dora all along, I have been.  I loved that the original series helped to teach your child to solve problems.  This new series does the same thing.  Your child will love going on advnetures with Dora and her friends as they learn to solve problems together.

5.  Your child will learn to have a positive attitude.

No matter how bad things seem for Dora, she is always looking at the bright side of things.

6.  Your child learns never to say “can’t”.

Even when things seem impossible, Dora is not a quitter.  She does not say that she “can’t” do something.  Instead she focuses on how she can solve the problem at hand.

7.  Your child learns how they can be a part of a team.

Teamwork is another HUGE skill that needs to be done.  Being a part of a team can be challenging but when you work together you learn so many valuable skills.  Dora teaches your child these valuable skills and helps her to learn how she is valuable part of a team.

8.  Your daughter will learn the importance of friendship.

Far too often I see young girls obsessed with boys and “dating.”  While I know that I was this way, I wish that I been taught more about making lasting friendships and not worrying about having a boyfriend.  I love that at things like the dance in “The Royal Ball” that Dora spends her time building friendships.

9.  It will help your daughter stay young.

I am not one of those moms who wants my children to grow up too fast.  I love that Dora and Friends is a nice balance of what my daughter is interested in watching and what I want her to see.  I do not feel that there is any pressure from the series for her to grow up too soon.

10.  It can help build self confidence.

Your daughter is going to be more self confident when she can problem solve and have lasting friendships.  Watching Dora and Friends can really make this possible for you.

Being able to share a television show with my daughter that I can really feel good about is priceless to me.  I love that the Dora and Friends series really helps my daughter to learn how to be the best that she can be.