Adeline’s Favorite Shoes…Thanks Zooligans!


Does your child have a favorite pair of shoes?  Well Adeline does!  She loves her new Zooligans shoes.  She wants to wear them all of the time with everything that she owns.  I love that she actually wants to wear shoes and that she keeps them on her feet.  I always find it so frustrating when she wants to rip her shoes off and throw them around the car rather than wear them and this does not happen with her Zooligans.

Zooligans logo

I know that I am not alone with having a toddler who is not always the happiest about wearing shoes.  I am constantly seeing parents out with their own toddlers in carts and strollers without shoes on.  However I can’t help but think each time that I see this that Zooligans might have helped them.

Tips to Find Shoes Your Toddler Will Love

Find Fun Shoes

Zooligans Paloma the Pony

My favorite thing about Zooligans is that they are so much fun!  Who wouldn’t love being able to walk around in a fun animal inspired shoe.  Paloma the Pony is an adorable boot version that is perfect for the cold winter weather.

Pick What Your Toddler Would Love

Zooligans FishFlex

Zooligans are definitely a shoe that your toddler would pick if they were able to go shoe shopping for themselves.  These shoes are fun and functional and adorable as well.  Sandal weather is coming up and I know that Adeline would love the Fish Flex.

Consider Your Toddler’s Favorite Colors

Zooligans ZOoPop for Boys

While Adeline prefers her bright and funky colors, I would prefer more neutral hues.  I do have to admit that the red from her new Zooligan Shoes looks adorable!  Zooligans also offers a fun new line of shoes call ZooPop.  They are comfortable styles that feature animals in a way that is a little more subtle than their traditional shoe line.

Relax on Having Shoes Match the Outfit

Zooligans Deano the Dino

I am sometimes crazy about wanting my kids to look well put together, even my toddler.  I have learned that as long as Adeline keeps shoes on that I should just go with it and let her wear what she wants.  Deano the Dino is one pair of shoes that any little boy is sure to love as much as Adeline loves hers!

Let Your Toddler Pick Out Her Own Shoes

Zooligans Kat the Cat

I had originally contacted Zooligans after Adeline had saw the shoes one day.  She kept telling me about the shoes and I knew that she would love to have her own adorable animal inspired pair.  So when we received Kat the Kitty I knew that this was one pair of shoes that she was sure to love.