A Look at a Few of My Favorite Gifts


I have to admit that I have had a TON of fun this holiday season shopping for friends and family.  One of my favorite places to shop has been Minted this season.  I really love all of the amazing gifts that they have for everyone in your life.  I wanted to share with you a quick review about the things that I have been able to purchase for people in my family and share with you how much I love them.

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Great Gifts from Minted

**A One of a Kind Birthday Gift

So when I was given the opportunity to pick up a few things from Minted I chose to get a birthday gift for my husband’s grandmother as one of them.  My husband’s grandmother just turned 80 while she was on a cruise with the whole family (minus my husband, myself, and our four children).  I wanted to do something special for her since we did not take the cruise with everyone else.

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I found the beautiful Real Foil Heart Snapshot Mix Photo Art 8×8 ($65.00).  Now I have to apologize because I wrapped this one before I snapped a picture of it so I am going to have to show you the stock photo.  I was very impressed with the quality and I am sure that it is going to look beautiful on her wall since I got a wood frame to match the ones that are in her home.

I chose to take photos from the family cruise and inserted ones of the family that could not be there.  Otherwise it is all of her favorite memories from the special trip that she got to take with the family.

**Something for Myself

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I will admit that since I am determined to journal all year that I wanted to stock up on journals over the holiday.  I asked my husband for a custom journal with family pictures on it and he was going to have one made.  However when I had the opportunity to work with Minted I thought that it was silly for him to spend more money.

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So I chose the A Year In My Life Notebook ($16.00).  I really like this one and am so excited to be able to break it open and start writing in it as soon as I receive it.  I plan on keeping it in my bag where I keep my work stuff and will be writing in when we are out and about throughout the year.  It is a great journal and will be perfect to collect memories, poems, and writings that I want to share.

**The Perfect Mother in Law Gift

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Finally I chose to make one of the A Year In My Life Weekly Planners ($26.00) for my mother in law.  I wanted to give her something special this holiday season and something that she would be able to use all year long.  I thought that this was pretty and something that would be a favorite for the next year.

minted 6

I covered hers in favorite pictures from throughout the last year of the grandchildren.

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I think that she will love it and I am sure that she will be showing it off to everyone at work.

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You too can shop at Minted for all of your favorite gift giving needs.