Life Lessons Your Child Can Learn from the PAW Patrol


The PAW Patrol Winter Rescues is one of the greatest DVDs that we have owned in a long time.  I say this because my three year old and give year old never tire of watching this one, which means that I can actually put a DVD in the player and encourage my kids to sit and watch it while I clean something.  If you knew my children you would know that this is almost always an impossible task and something that I struggle with.

paw patrol

For the purpose of this review I wanted to share some values that your child can learn from watching the Paw Patrol Winter Rescues.

Valuable Lessons from the PAW Patrol

It’s Important to Help Others

The PAW Patrol teaches your children how important it is that they be able to help others in their life.  The puppies are always going on a new adventure and trying to help someone else in one way or another.  They help all kinds of other animals and sometimes even help people.  This makes them a great role model for your children and a great way for you to teach your children about being able to responsible for their actions and how important that it is for you to help others.


Teamwork is so important in life.  Your child is going to need to learn to be a part of a team for many different reasons.  In school, sports, and eventually in work you are always part of a team and learning to be a part of a team is something else that your child can learn from the PAW Patrol.

Sharing is Caring

We use the saying “sharing is caring” in our house a lot.  I love when I can point out characters on my children’s favorite shows who are taking the time to share with one another.  In the case of the PAW Patrol the puppies are constantly sharing with one another.  This is great and helps me to know that my children are at least seeing acts of sharing on a regular basis.  (They continue to struggle with this concept on a daily basis but we are constantly working on it.)

Listening to Directions

I also love that the Paw Patrol teaches your child to listen to directions.  They learn that the directions are what are going to help solve the problem and fix the situation.  I often remind them of something like this when I am trying to get them to follow directions that I give them.  There are authority figures and listening to directions teaches them to show people in authority respect as well.

Solving Problems

Finally the best thing that I find that the PAW Patrol can teach your children is that they can each use their own problem solving skills to help figure out a problem.  Let’s face it, in today’s world there are a lot of problems and having a child who knows how to solve problems is going to get them far in life.

So make sure that you check out the PAW Patrol Winter Rescues for your child so that you can help them learn these valuable lessons that they can use in their own lives.