Holiday Gift Guide — Keep Your Favorite Little Monsters Warm with Beasty Buddies


Beasty Buddies are a unique line of hats that are geared towards all of the “scary” things that are popular right now.  I love that these hats are made from a cozy fleece that is similar to the fleece that makes your child’s favorite blankets.  I point this out because I have had a lot of fleeces feel different and I wanted you to understand the texture if you were going to be ordering online.  They feel so soft and cozy and are so cute.  I decided to use the Beasty Buddies hat that we received in Huxley’s stocking this year.

Huxley received Zorlac the Pirate Captain and I think that he is going to love it.  He is currently obsessed with all things pirate and all things zombie so this kind of feels like it combines his two favorite things together into one.

Beastie Buddies

There are many other styles and each one represents its own character and personality.  The other styles include the following: Bumblezor — The Dragon Wizard, Bianca — The Bunny Princess, Jasper — The Jester, Eddie — The Vegan Zombie, Zeppelin — The Scientist, and Bombix — The Spy.

beasty buddies 2

Tips to Get Your Child to Wear Their Hat

**Choose a Hat Your Child will Love

One great thing to remember when looking for hats for your child is to choose one that they are going to love.  I have always tried to let them pick their hats out for themselves or have really focused on the things that they love so that they will love wearing their new hat.

**Choose a Hat That is the Right Size

Another HUGE factor in getting your child to keep their hat on is making sure that it is the right size.  If a hat is too small or too big than your little one is not going to be able to really keep it on their head and they are going to be more tempted to take it off.  Beasty Buddies come in different sizes so that you can make sure that you get one that is going to fit your child right.

**Choose a Hat That is Comfortable and Soft

One of the things that I love the most about the Beasty Buddies is that the hats are so soft and comfortable.  I love that I could not find any aeas that were uncomfortable at all.

**Make Sure Nothing Itches

One of the most annoying things for me, as an adult, when wearing a hat is when it itches.  I hate that feeling and know that this is probably something that my kids hate too.  It might even be a little bit of the reason that my kids HATE wearing their own hats.