Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Tidy Tots Diapers


I have to admit that there are few things in my life that have caught on like cloth diapers did.  In fact for a while I switched to disposables for night time when Adeline was potty training but we have officially moved back into our cloth diapers at night.  I love cloth diapering and if I had another little squish on the way I would choose to cloth diaper from birth.  That being said finding out about cloth diapers was hard work, overwhelming (there are so many styles and brands!), and just hard to handle at one point.  I am so glad that I am able to share Tidy Tots Diapers with you.  Tidy Tots are amazing, affordable, and so easy!


I was very lucky to receive the Great Start Set ($214.96) and I have got to say that nearly 90% of the time these are the nighttime diapers that we choose.  My daughter loves the colors and prints and I love that they do not leak and that we have never had rashes/reactions to any of the inserts.

tidy tots 7

We received a great assortment of covers in designs and colors that were absolutely adorable.  I really love them all!

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The set also came with these great snap in liners that you stuffed with inserts.  They were so easy to use and even my husband was able to easily stuff them which was not the case with some other types of diapers because of the size of his hands.  Plus you get a package of diaper liners too which are great for poo with little babies.

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Tips for Choosing Great Cloth Diapers

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Find the Set that is Going to Work for You

When it comes to cloth diapers you really have to know what type of set you want and what is going to work with you.  What I love most about the Great Start Set is that it does come with everything that you need, adorable covers, and all of the inserts.  If you were not opposed to doing daily laundry this is one set that you really could purchase and never have to buy another set again.

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Choose Diapers that Are Your Style

Plus with Tidy Tots diapers you can choose from a great selection of covers so that you can choose styles that are perfect for you.  Your baby will never have to leave the house clothed in a bum that you do not think is cute.

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Love the Diapers that You Choose

I will admit that even though I did not Tidy Tots when I first started cloth diapering, once I found them I wish that I did. They seriously are one of my favorite diapers that we have ever owned!  That is saying a lot when I have tried most of the brands of diapers that are on the market today!

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Don’t Be Fooled by Advertising

One of the things that I fell for when I first started was advertising.  I chose the diapers that I heard the most about and I HATED them, like seriously HATED them.  I ended up calling the company and sending them back and getting credit to use in the online shop where I purchased them.  I was lucky because I was not stuck with $700 worth of cloth diapers (I had purchased for two little ones.)!  However it sickens me to think how much money I could have saved had I found Tidy Tots sooner.

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Learn to Pick What YOU Like

Finally make sure that you do not listen to everyone else.  I have friends who have cloth diapered and each of us have loved something different.  So I learned quickly that you have to be willing to pick what you like first.  This is so important for finding great cloth diapers and finding what you are interested in.

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Cloth diapering is something that I quickly fell in love with and became passionate about.