Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Spy Gear


Spy Gear toys are a great line of fun toys that help your child to feel as though they are a real spy.  I will admit that I have been known to play with the Spy Gear toys that we already own and  I am sure that I will enjoy this new one as well.

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We were sent the Spy Gear Undercover Spy Cam which I am trying to decide which one of the boys is going to get it.  This is a fun little camera that your child can hide somewhere so that they can spy on someone.  I am not quite sure that I am ready to be spied on all of the time but I honestly think that this one is going to be a lot of fun.  I do think that we will have to have some rules though, like no video taping someone when their door is locked and no video taping people when they sleep (well, because frankly that is creepy!).

spy gear

What Children Should Know About Spies

Since so many children are obsessed with Spy Gear there are a lot things that parents should be willing to teach them.  Of course the world of espionage is one that is not always easy for children to understand and filled with a lot of information that children should know about.  So when it comes to teaching children about spies with their Spy Gear there are some rules that you should really follow.

Rule 1 — Do Not Teach Too Much

Teach your child the basics.  Tell him or her about the job that spies perform in a way that they can understand without being scare.  I told my children that a spy was someone who works for someone else to find out information.  They took this answer, asked a few questions, and we discussed until I thought that they had at least a grasp on the job.

Rule 2 — Keep Things Age Appropriate

I could share a lot more with my oldest about spies since he is 11.  I have decided that we can sit down and talk about things in a way that I couldn’t with the other children.  I would be able to tell him about the government wanting to watch others without him becoming afraid.

Rule 3 — Make Sure No One is Scared

Make sure that you explain things in a way that your child is not going to become fearful during.  If your child does get scared, ask why and learn what is really going on with them.

So when it come to having some fun with their new Spy Gear toy, my children are going to have rules about what type of “spying” is allowed in our house.