Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Spanx Workout Clothes


I have to admit that I have a love affair with Spanx.  I literally can not remember the last day that I went out of the house without wearing them.  That being said when it comes to the perfect clothes to working out in, I would have NEVER imagined how much I could love Spanx line of clothing.  I thought that their leggings, tops, and pants would all be the same but I was very wrong.  There is nothing more amazing to me than how I look when I  am headed to the gym or getting ready to work out at home in Spanx workout clothes.

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Earlier this year I wrote a review about the great Spanx workout clothes that I received.  I wanted to bring these clothes back up in a new feature because I really do want them for Christmas.  In fact I was telling my mom tonight just how much I wanted some Spanx winter apparel to be part of my Christmas gifts.

Tips to Find Workout Clothes to Feel Confident In

**Find Clothes that Look Good on You

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The best things about Spanx workout clothes is that they really do look great on everyone.  I could not believe the amazing improvement that I saw in myself when I put on my Spanx brand workout gear.  I was super impressed with the Shaping Compression Crop ($88).  In fact these became my go to pants all summer long and I still try to wear them with boots but they are a bit short to honestly pull that off.  I just love how flattering these leggings are and how they make my curves look beautiful in all the right ways.

**Find Clothes You Can Feel Confident In


When it comes to working out as an overweight person going to the gym is embarrassing.  Let’s face it no one wants to struggle with worrying about whether or not their flab is going to be flopping all over the place while they are pounding it on a machine.  That being said, I had lacked confidence so much for years that I avoided working out and going to the gym which just led to either weight gain or no weight loss as I had desired.  The Spanx On The Go Pant ($98) really made me feel confident and better about myself.  I loved that I could work out hard and never worry about having too much of a belly jiggle because it was all nicely sucked into my pants.

**Pick a Piece that You Love

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One additional piece that I tried out was the Ribbed Racerback with Shelf Bra ($62).  This top was amazing on and really helped me to feel more confident about how I looked when I was working out.  It was also the perfect tank to wear underneath things and became one of my favorite tanks to wear regardless all summer long and even into the fall and winter with sweaters or jackets because it is so flattering and so comfortable.

My Current Spanx Wish List

In case you were wondering.  Here are the Spanx items that have recently caught my eye.

spanx wish list 1

Signature Skinny Jeans in Wax Black

spanx wish list 2

Denim Legging in Indigo Wash

spanx wish list 3

Contour Jacket in Black

spanx wish list 4

Ready to Wow Woven Twill Legging in Black

spanx wish list 5

Ready to Wow Faux Leather Legging in Black

spanx wish list 6

Look at Me Leggings High Waisted Cotton Leggings

So as you can tell my own Christmas list has a ton of Spanx on it and it is something that I love so much that I thought that you would too!