Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Livie and Luca


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I have to admit that I have recently become OBSESSED with the Livie and Luca line of shoes for children.  I just LOVE all of their styles so much that I can not say enough good things about them.  I even find it hard not to pair every single outfit in my style guides with a pair of these great shoes.  The best part is that my two little girls are just as impressed and happy with their shoes as I am.  So I thought in honor of these two sweet girls that I would share some of their favorite things about the shoes while doing my review of the Petal Black ($60) and the Petal Red ($60) that we recently received.

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3 Things Adeline Loves About Her Petal Black from Livie and Luca

Adeline is like her mama.  She is a shoe girl.  Each time that she gets a new package of shoes, she screams and jumps up and down.  Many times the excitement of her new shoes wears off after she has had them for a while but this is not the case with her Livie and Luca shoes.

Livie and Luca 5

**#1 — “They’re Pretty!”

When I asked Adeline what she liked about her Petal Black she told me said “they’re pretty!” which is a very accurate description of them.  She pointed at the flower and we talked about the flower petals for a bit.

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**#2 — “They’re Comfy!”

The next thing that Adeline said when we were talking about her shoes is that they were comfy.  She likes how they fit and even she (at 3) notices that her feet are not sore after she has worn them for a while.  This is something that many kids might not notice but Adeline is the first little lady to let you know that she does not like something when it is not comfortable.

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**#3 — “The Caterpillar”

I will admit that when she replied “the caterpillar” that I was really kind of confused at first.  I had no clue as to what she was talking about.  Then however I started looking around realized that she was talking about the box.  Now here is an embarrassing fact.  Adeline loved the caterpillar so much that she actually carried around the box with her in my house when it was empty.  That’s right, my child is sitting around playing with a shoe box more than any of her toys!

3 Things Althea Loves About her Petal Red from Livie and Luca

Livie and Luca 2

**#1 — “I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.”

Since my husband is from Kansas and we travel there a lot my daughter is very aware of who Dorothy is.  She even has a few Dorothy dolls that she plays with from time to time.  She has also had red shoes in many of the previous sizes that she has worn.  She told me that she really loved the red shoes and that she felt as pretty as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz when she wears them.

Livie and Luca 3

**#2 — “I really like the flower on them.”

Althea is very artistic and she loves things that are pretty.  She has always been our little girly girl. She told me that she really loves her Petal Red because of the flower on them.  She went on to tell me how she liked that it was “like half of a flower only more than half.”

Livie and Luca 4

**#3 — “People tell me that I have pretty shoes on.”

Althea is the type of child that likes to be told that she is pretty.  I tease her dad on a regular basis that this is because we have gushed over how beautiful we think that she is since she was born.  She loves it when someone tells her that she looks cute or that something that she is wearing is pretty.  So when received compliments while wearing these shoes, she was sure to point them out and to tell me that it was something else that she loved about the shoes.