Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Beatrix Girls


The Beatrix Girls are an exciting line of dolls that are ready to show your daughter how to be a popstar.  These exciting dolls are ready to take your daughter to the red carpet and beyond with fun clothes and accessories. Plus they teach your daughter to have a love of music that they might not gain from playing with other dolls and toys.

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I will admit that I was kind of shocked when I saw the Beatrix Girls in person.  These dolls are quite large and are a great quality for little girls to enjoy playing and pretending with.  I am sure that Adeline and Althea will love them. In fact Huxley was so certain that his sisters would like them that he told me that this was what he wanted to give them for Christmas this year.

Introducing The Beatrix Girls

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Lark is the bass player in the Beatrix Girls.  She loves extreme sports like skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. Her favorite things are Boston Baked Beans, Corned Beef Sandwiches, Potato Pancakes, and the Boston Red Sox.  She is generally seen wearing her favorite styles which include ripped jeans, combat boots, and sneakers.  She hates wearing pink because of her red hair and can be heard saying “Come on, lighten up!” a lot.

beatrix girls

We received Lark and Huxley decided that this is the doll that he was going to give to Adeline.



Ainsley is the drum player for the Beatrix Girls.  She is normally a sweet and quiet girl but when she is performing she really rocks.  She loves being able to play in a band and is shocked that she gets to do something she loves so much for a job.  She loves to wear rich classic feminine fabrics and enjoys having them tailored to fit her modern style.  Her favorite things are go-karts, parasols, truffles, and lollypops and she can be heard saying “Oh my, this is all too, too.” quite frequently.



Brayden plays the guitar for the Beatrix Girls and you can hear her wailing on the guitar when they are performing. She is also the lead singer and she writes most of the songs.  She writes about all of the things that she loves in life and is super excited to be able to play music with her best friends.  You will see her wearing cool mini skirts, lots of jewelry, prints, patterns, sky high heels, metallics, and leather to create a unique sassy style.  She can be heard saying “Are we beat, or are we Beatrix?” all of the time and says her favorite things include latte flavored candies, funky bright sunglasses in different shapes, California sushi rolls, and heart shaped notebooks to write her songs in.



Chantal is from Canada and plays the keyboards in the band.  She can get bent out of shape but most of the time she is calm and level headed. While she loves playing in the band, the other girls tend to get on her nerves from time to time.  She likes to dress in soft and subtle silk shirts, dark tight capri pants, mini skirts with fishnet stalkings, and has a 50s flare to her style.  She speaks French and can be heard saying “J’en peux plus” which translates to “I can’t take it anymore.”  Her favorites include Marzipan, scented candles, French onion soup, and snails.

beatrix girls 2

We also received Chantal which Huxley told me that he wanted to give to Althea for a present.


Today I thought that I would share some tips to “make your daughter rock like a popstar” since I got to work with Beatrix Girls for these great popstar dolls.

Tips to Make Your Daughter Rock Like a Popstar

**Teach Your Daughter to be Confident and Build Up Her Self Esteem

One thing is for certain about popstars, they have a great sense of self esteem and are very confident.  They are ready to take the world by store, be themselves, and never doubt their choices.  This is a great thing to teach your daughter when she is playing with her Beatrix Girls.  Teach her about how she should love who she is and how to love herself.  Doing this will help her tho have the self esteem and confidence of a popstar.

**Pick Out Clothes that Rock

Popstars are known for their flashy styles and bling when it comes to fashion.  Help  your daughters achieve this look by buying clothes that have sequins or other bling on them.  I know that my girls are really going to rock and feel like popstars in their sequin pants that I ordered the other day.

**Have Concerts with Your Daughters

Every little girl who wants to be a popstar will love getting dressed up and playing “concert” with you.  The best thing is that this is something that you can do with your child.  Pick up some play microphones or a karaoke machine and use your inner rocker spirit to play with your daughters.  This can also give you chance to learn about the music that they love as well as sharing with them the music that you love.

Finding great ways to help your daughter feel like a popstar is fun.  It is also a great way to interact and enjoy playing together.