Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Anatomie Clothing!


You all know that I love clothes and I have to admit that there are few pieces of clothing that I like as much as those that I have received from Anatomie.  The clothes are perfect for traveling and look great on too.  I love the newest pair of pants that I received from the company.  I received the Elene pants and they are adorable!!  They look so cute on and are something that I am excited to wear when I put them on.  I did notice that the pants are no longer available on the website so they must have been just as popular among other shoppers as they were me personally.

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The best thing about Anatomie clothing is that the clothes are made with traveling in mind.  Here are some of my tips for finding great travel friendly clothes like these from Anatomie.

Tips to Find the Perfect Clothes for Travel

Find Clothes that are Easy to Pack

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Packing clothes can be frustrating.  I hate having to try and find great clothes that are easy to pack.  One of the things that makes the Anatomie line so great is that they offer great clothes that fold up small and pack easily.  I love the Skyler Skinny Pants ($199) which are cute and stylish and are going to be easy to travel with no matter where I am going.

Choose Clothes that Will Not Wrinkle

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I hate when I am out of town and pull out clothes that look awful after being packed.  I find that dresses seem to be the worst about getting wrinkled while traveling but I always want to pack one nice outfit to make sure.  I really love the Milan Dress ($350) and think that it would look trendy and stylish no matter where you go.  Plus you will love that it is not going to wrinkle or need ironed.

Look for Travel Friendly Outerwear

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Last weekend I went to Chicago and actually did not take a coat with me because my coats are so bulky and always are hard to carry around when I get hotter.  I sure wish that I had a great coat from Anaotmie like the awesome Gianna Jacket ($325).  The jacket looks warm and comfortable and it would fold up and be great for when we are traveling in cooler months.

Choose Travel Clothes that Match Your Personal Style

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Finally even if you are traveling you will want to wear some great clothes that you would normally wear.  Choosing styles that you would not wear will only guarantee that you are not wearing them often.  My favorite shirt in the entire world is the Nicole Lace top that I reviewed last year from Anatomie.  It is my personal style and it looks and feels great when being worn.    The Rita Hoodie is another top from Anatomie that I would LOVE to check out.  It is cute and would fit with my personal style well which means that I would feel comfortable wearing it at home and while traveling.

Thanks to Anatomie you will never have to worry about what you are going to wear when you are traveling.  Their amazing clothing really does offer you all of the looks and styles that you are looking for.