Holiday Gift Buying Guide — Teach Your Children to Help Others with Paw Patrol


Paw Patrol is one of the hottest TV shows right now.  It seems like no matter where I go there are tons of toys, movies, and even games featuring the lovable characters.  I will admit that my younger two are really into the shows and get really excited when we are watching them.  So I thought that it was a lot of fun that we received the Paw Patrol On a Roll Marshall toy.  I think that this looks like fun and it is going to make the perfect Christmas present for Huxley with the addition of a great Paw Patrol movie.  I love that someone is going to give him something that he is going to love so much.

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In the past I have shared some of the great things that your child can learn from the Paw Patrol.  Today I thought that I would share a fun little lesson that you could teach your child about helping others with the help of the Paw Patrol.

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One of the greatest things about the Paw Patrol is that they are always “on a roll” to help someone else.  They are ALWAYS trying to do something that is focused on helping others!

How the Paw Patrol Can Teach Your Kids to Help Others

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**Lead By Example

The best thing that parents can do to teach their children to help others is to lead by example.  One great thing about the Paw Patrol is that they are ALWAYS lending a helping hand so they are the perfect example for your children.  I love that mine want to go on a rescue after they have watched the show!

**Talk to Your Child About Helping Others

It is great to share stories with your children about helping others.  One great way to do this with the Paw Patrol is to talk about how the characters helped others when they were on their mission.

**Volunteer With Your Child

While preschoolers might not be able to do much in the way of volunteering, there are projects that you can do.  Ask if you can adopt a grandparent at a local nursing home.  This is a great way to take your child to visit someone on a regular basis who might not otherwise have visitors and it teaches your child how important it is to give back.

**Find A Local Organization to Get Your Child Involved In

There are many great organizations that work with children to do things that are part of giving back to others.  I like scouting personally but there are many other organizations out there that someone could get involved in with their children.

**Donate with Your Child

Help your child to clean out their closet or their toys and take them with you when you go to donate these things.

**Take to Your Child About How to Help

When your child mentions something about knowing someone in need, take the time to talk to them about how you can help them.  Try to come up with something that you can do as a family.  What about not going out to eat for a month and investing that money into a grocery store gift card for someone who needs food?  Helping your children to be willing to invest their own sacrifices to help others is a very valuable lesson in life.

So it is possible to teach your children how they too can give back and help others.