Getting Organized in 2015 — Organizing Your Family Planner with momAgenda


MomAgenda planners are amazing and a must have for any parent.  I am so happy that I was given momAgenda Desktop Planner ($42) because it is the planner that I need to organize everything for my entire family.  I love that it has my name on it and that there is a space for my stuff as well as one for each of the four kids’.

Mom Planner 2

I thought that I would share with you tips for be a well organized mom and how to organize your family planner just in time for the new year.

Mom Planner 5

Organizing Your Family Planner

Mom Planner 1

Step 1 — Put in the Mandatory Stuff First

Mom Planner 4

So the first thing that I did when I was organizing my family planner was go through and add in all of our mandatory things.  This included all of the stuff from the school calendar and the times when my son is with his dad per court order.  Once these were on my calendar I knew that I was ready to start writing down the others.

Mom Planner 6

Step 2 — Add in the Sports and Activities Next

Mom Planner 7

The next step for me was to add in all of our sporting and extra curricular activities for the kids.  This also included adding in my civic commitments and groups that I am a part of like the school’s parent group and the junior women club that I volunteer through.

Mom Planner 8

Step 3 — Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Special Dates

Mom Planner 9

I then chose to add in all of the special dates for the loved ones in my family.  We added in birthdays, holiday schedules with my son, and anniversaries.  This was important to me because I also work hard to celebrate holiday times when my son is with me rather than when he is at his dad’s.  This takes some creative planning on the part of myself and my family as well.

Mom Planner 10

Step 4 — Jot Down the Day to Day

Mom Planner 11

If there are goals that you have make sure that you write them on the calendar.  These can be anything from working out to having a specific room in your house organized or re-painted.  Doing this is going to really help you to plan things and make sure that your life is better organized for the new year.

Mom Planner 14

Having a creative family planner can really help you to know how to keep your family organized.  I love the momAgenda Day Planner that I received and think that it is a great tool for being able to stay organized with my family.  I really love all of the great things about the planner and how they are able to use the spaces to organize all of the different areas of your life.  It has areas that I had not previously thought about having organized in a planner and it makes it convenient and easy to have it all easily accessible in one place.