Getting Organized in 2015 — Monthly Goals


Well our house feels like it is falling apart around us and one of my goals is to really focus on getting organized in 2015.  I would love to be able to work towards this goal and to be able to really organize the things in my life so that my home looks great.  I want a home that we can be proud of and one that we are not embarrassed of when we have friends or family randomly stop by our house.

I created a list of a few small goals each month throughout the year to get it looking stellar and something that we can do one small project at a time.  I plan on checking in each month and writing about where I am at with these projects and posting pictures of the finished projects.

January 2015 —

1.  Rehang Andrew’s door

2.  Fix Andrew’s Light

3.  Paint Huxley’s Room

4.  Hang Canopy over the girls’ bed

5. Hang stuffed animal nets in girls’ room

6. Hang stuffed animal nets in Huxley’s room

7.  Hang tension rod and find curtain between Althea/Adeline and Huxley’s room

8. Hang curtains in Althea and Huxley’s rooms

February 2015 —

1.  Paint Andrew’s room

2.  Hang pictures and paintings in the living room

3.  Find curtains for Andrew’s room and hang them up

Later in the year other things to do…

Paint Entryway

Find and Hang curtains in our living room

Figure out Downstairs Bathroom Walls

Figure out Downstairs Bathroom Organization

Figure out Downstairs Bathroom Shower

Fix Window in Downstairs Bathroom

Find and Hang Curtains in Downstairs Bathroom

Figure out Upstairs Bathroom Toilet

Figure out Upstairs Bathroom Organization

Paint Upstairs Bathroom

Hang curtains in Upstairs Bathroom

Paint Our Bedroom

Find and Hang Curtains

Hang Phish Related Stuff on Our Walls

Paint Dining Room

Hang Stuff Back Up

Find and Hang Curtains in Dining Room

Paint Kitchen

Figure Out Kitchen Floor

Find and Hang Curtains in the Kitchen

Paint Hallway and Stairwell

Scrape Kitchen Ceiling

Scrape Dining Room Ceiling

Fix Step to Basement

Fix Back Porch

Fix Front Porch

Take Down Blinds on Front Porch

Find nice indoor/outdoor curtains to hang up on porch

Organize Basement