The Secret to Clean Healthy Skin


I will admit that I was not so sure about the Bellapulse once I received it.  I felt the bristles and they were very soft so I was skeptical as to how clean they could really help me get my face…remember I am a fan of dermabrasion so I like it when I feel like everything has been scraped off of my face!


I received the Black Bellapulse and cannot say enough good things about it because I really do love washing my face with it.  There are even different heads that you can put on it.  I love using the sponge head to massage my lotion into my face every day.

bellapulse 1

The Bellapulse is a system that everyone with skin problems should own.  In the past few weeks that I have been using it I have noticed a drastic reduction in the number of blackheads that I have and I have only had one white head.

Secrets for Clean Healthy Skin

bellapulse 2

**Find a Great Cleanser

Not everyone has the same type of skin so not everyone will like the same cleansers.  I have found that the Rose Hip Seed Cleanser is really nice for my combination skin.  I had a couple of other people try it out that have different skin types and they all reported that they liked it as well. It really seems to be a cleanser that could be good for all skin types.

**Have a Cleansing Routine

You have to be routine in taking care of your skin or things will quickly get out of hand.  I notice with my skin that a few days of skipping the Bellapulse routine and I am instantly regretting it.  My skin starts to look dull and lifeless because of all of the extra dead skin cells that seem to quickly pile up.  I also start to break out.  My personal routine is the following:

AM — Cleanse, Mositurize with SPF, Eye Cream

PM — Exfoliate, Moisturize, Treat

bellapulse 3


Exfoliating is key to having healthy and beautiful skin.  I love using the Bellapulse and the Bellapulse Exfoliating Brush on my skin to make sure that I am exfoliating deep enough.  I would have never guessed how amazing a face brush really is for this purpose.  In fact I kind of thought that I knew it all about skincare and owned all of the products that I could ever need.  Then the Bellapulse made its way into my life and now I know that a great cleansing brush is something that everyone needs to own.  The AHA Exfoliating Cleanser is great for the purpose of exfoliating and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean each night.

**Moisturize with SPF in the Day

Having clean healthy skin means that you are constantly taking care of your skin.  Yes it does take some time and effort to make sure that you are caring for your skin properly but in the end it works out and is something that you will be thankful that you have done.  One of the things that you have to do is make sure that you are using a moisturizer with SPF during the day.  I LOVE to apply my moisturizer with Bellapulse Massaging Sponge.  This tool truly makes moisturizing your skin feel like a wonderful treat each morning.

**Moisturize at Night

Before bed each night I make sure to really moisturize my skin again.  I use the Massaging Sponge and focus on each area of my skin that might feel a little dryer than another.  I take the time to really focus on making sure that each area of my face has been moisturized and I make sure to not skimp on product during this step.  I love the Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer that came with my Bellapulse set.  I love that this moisturizer does not feel greasy or heavy on my skin and is easy absorbed during the massaging process.

bellapulse 4

The Bellapulse really can help you to have the healthy beautiful skin that you have always dreamed of having.  I know because I have struggled with skin that can sometimes look pretty awful and when I am using the Bellapulse as part of my regular routine I see improvements in a matter of days.  My skin looks brighter, healthier, and clearer that it did before.

The Bellapulse regularly retails for $229 and the three piece skin care system retails for $75.  Right now you can actually get your Bellapulse for free.  Please see details of this exciting offer here.  You only have to pay a shipping and handling fee of $7.90.