Outshine Everyone at Your Holiday Party with Betabrand


I have to start by saying that I do not find many companies that I love as much as Betabrand.  It is really a great company and perfect for everyone this holiday season.  I am so excited about the amazing pieces of clothing that I have received and can’t wait to share with all of you how you can be the sparkling main attraction at your holiday event too.

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Have you heard of Disco Pants and Disco Leggings?


To be honest I had not either until I was combing through the Betabrand website the other day trying to find out what my favorite style pieces were for the season.  I have to admit that these are it for me!

**Disco Pants Are So Much Fun

betabrand 5

I love the Disco Pants ($100) for a variety of different reasons.  One of them is that they are so much fun.  Even the kids realized how much fun they were as they danced around my husband when he tried them on.  I am eager for us to celebrate one of our upcoming holiday events in style while my husband is wearing these.

betabrand 3

I think that he looks pretty handsome in them.  On a side note,  I decided that he really does need the blazer that Betabrand makes because he would look like he stepped back in time with his own unique style.

betabrand 2

**Disco Leggings Add Lots of Sparkle to Your Holidays

betabrand 4

After finding the Disco Pants I knew that I needed the matching Disco Leggings ($68) for our holiday looks.  To be honest I do not usually match my husband.  I like for us to coordinate but rarely do I ever choose matching items for us to wear.  I loved the Disco Pants so much that I broke my rule and got these for myself.  I know that I am going to love how they look with tall black boots, a black tunic and the Academic Hoodie (more on that one in a bit!)

betabrand 6

**Other Disco Pieces Can Spice Up Your Holiday Wardrobe

I thought since I was so impressed with the Disco Pants and Disco Leggings that I would highlight my favorite pieces from the Disco line for you.

Disco tux jacket

The Disco Tuxedo Jacket ($198) is a lot of fun and will really add some great fun and funky style to any man’s wardrobe.

women's disco hoodie

The Women’s Silver Disco Hoodie ($125) has earned a place on my list of fashion items I must have.  I LOVE the leggings and can not imagine how much I would love this awesome hoodie!

purple disco hoodie

The Purple Reversible Hoodie ($125) is like the mullet of hoodies, party on one side and business on the other.

If you are interested in checking out any of the additional pieces in the disco line of clothing you can look here to see the whole collection.

Now to go with our amazing Disco Pants and Disco Leggings I wanted to wear something that would tone things down a bit and make them perfect for our holiday gatherings that might not be as Disco friendly.

**Shark Hide Hoodiegan for Business and Pleasure

The Shark Hide Hoodiegan ($78) is perfect for any environment.  This adorable sweater features the casual style of a hoodie while offering the business style of a cardigan.  It is a great piece and it looks great when paired with the Disco Pants.  My husband told me that he really loves how this one fits and how comfortable it is to wear.  He is very pleased with the style and comfort that he gets from wearing this hoodie.

**Taking Academics to a New Level with the Womens Academic Hoodie

The Women’s Academic Hoodie ($188) is what I chose to wear with my Disco Leggings.  This is one of the nicest hoodies I have ever seen.  It is so warm and made in a way that makes it more like a nice lightweight coat than a hoodie.  I LOVE this but I will admit that I probably won’t be wearing it indoors when I have my Disco Leggings on.  I am thinking that it would be a little hot if you were wearing it inside.  That being said….it is going to be perfect for so many things.  It is the perfect hoodie for all seasons and it is so stylish and cute with the leather elbow patches!

There is no shortage of fun when you are shopping with Betabrand.  If you are lucky enough to live in the San Francisco area you can go to their store.  If you go to the store you are going to get to see items that are not featured on the website.  There are so many things that I LOVE on the website that I can not imagine getting to shop a wider selection in the store!  If you are like me and live to far to shop with them at the store you can still shop online and check out all of the amazing, cool, and fun items that are available.  Best of all, each item was made in the USA and fashioned in ethical ways.  Business reviews of the company and all of my interactions lead me to believe that they are really customer focused and aim to keep coming back for more and being a customer for life!

We wore these this weekend and got so many compliments….people LOVED them and everyone wanted to know where they could get their own!!!