Who Loves Her WeeSqueak Shoes? & Guess What?!? You Can Win a Pair Too!


There have been few things that I have seen as a mom as cute as when Adeline put on her Wee Squeak Shoes for the first time.  She had not previously owned squeaky shoes before and I could not believe how much joy and excitement she gained from them.

wee squeak logo

She danced and jumped around in her new “squeaky shoes” for a very long time.  Now she asks to wear them each day because she thinks that they are the best shoes ever.

As a mom there are many things that I love about these adorable shoes!

**Perfect for Fall and Winter

Wee Squeak 1

I love the boot design of the Wee Squeak Zoey Boot in Mustard ($39.99).  These boots look so cute with so many of her fall and winter outfits.  I love that they offered the mustard color since mustard was hot this year.  That made them perfect for so many of her outfits because I bought a lot in those colors as I had fallen in love with them.


Wee Squeak 2

I also love the price point of the shoes from Wee Squeak.  Shoes are between $35.99 & $39.99 for the most part.  However there are some pairs that are priced at just $19.99 right now on the website.  This makes them a pair of shoes that could easily fit in almost everyone’s budget.


Wee Squeak 3

The quality of the Wee Squeak shoes is outstanding.  In the past my older children had owned some squeaky shoes but I had not been happy with the quality.  They tended to look really beat up quickly and did not seem to hold up to much wear.  Since I was disappointed I had not purchased any for Adeline.  I would definitely recommend the Wee Squeak line to everyone and would be happy to purchase her shoes from there in the future.

**No More, Where Did Adeline Go? Games

Wee Squeak 4

No matter where we are when Adeline has her Wee Squeak Shoes on she is ready for me to find her.  In fact, it is very easy for me to find her no matter where we are out shopping or even playing at the park.  You always hear her squeaking her way around places.  I do want to make a quick note here that squeaky shoes should not be worn in sand as sand can clog the squeaker and cause them not to squeak.

Finding fun toddler shoes that Adeline loves to wear is not always easy.  She is not particularly fond of wearing shoes.  However since we have received her new Wee Squeak Shoes there has not been a problem at all.

So now you have a chance to win your own $50 gift card to Wee Squeak.  You will love shopping on this website and your little one is sure to love his or her new squeaky shoes!  The best part is that you will be able to make it through winter without your little one fighting you to put shoes on their feet.


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