Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Rollors Game


Rollors Game is exciting and a great new product that you are going to be happy to give anyone in your life. It is high quality, made from great products, and really is a fun and innovative game for your family.  I promise to update with some of my own pictures after we get a chance to play it. It rained and then snowed right after I received it so I was unable to get pictures with it and really didn’t want it to be dirty and muddy.

rollors 4

I thought that I would choose my favorite tips for choosing a great game for your entire family with you since this game is one that I would say is perfect for the entire family.

Tips to Choose the Best Game for the Whole Family

rollors 2

Tip 1 — Choose Something Everyone Can Play

My first tip for choosing a great game for the entire family is to make sure that it is something that everyone can play.  One of the things that I love most about Rollors Game is that it is a great game for families to play together. You can actually modify it a bit with your children so that even little ones can play it.

Check out this awesome video of the game being played on the Today Show on NBC.

Tip 2 — Choose a Game That is Perfect Everywhere You Go

Picking out a game that is perfect no matter where you are going to be is also important.  Choose a gift that you love and are going to be able to enjoy no matter where you are going.  I love that we can easily pack up Rollors and take it with us to the places that we go the most like camping and even to the beach.

Tip 3 — Make Sure Everyone Understands the Rules

One of the things that you have to do with Rollers is make sure that everyone knows the rules and can understand them.  A game is not going to be great for your whole family if everyone can not understand how to play it.  I love that Rollors is easily understood by people of all ages.  This makes it perfect for our family and for yours too!

Tip 4 — Take a Practice Round

Before getting started with Rollors take the time to have a short practice round where everyone in your family can master the skill of learning how to roll the discs so that you can really play together.

Tip 5 — Have the Right Rules

Make sure that you have rules for your family to be able to enjoy the game and play.  Make sure that you make the rules clear ahead of time and talk to the kiddos about them.