Holiday Gift Guide Feature — North Star Toys


Wooden toys are some of my favorite for a number of different reasons.  I often look for the best toys that I can find both in quality and style.  I love North Star Toys for both of these.  They are small company that has been a family business for many years.  The North Star Toys Nativity Scene ($48) has been so much fun for my children since we received it.  They love setting up the character pieces and hearing the story of the true meaning of Christmas.  I love that they are so interested in learning about something that is so dear to me.

Sharing the true meaning of Christmas can be very hard with young children and toddlers.  I find that all of the time the kids are confused and seem to be more interested in Santa than in celebrating the spirit of giving and thankfulness that they should feel during the holiday.  I thought that I would share some tips to help your children find the giving spirit during the holiday season.

Tip to Teach Your Child About Giving

**Donate Old Toys

One of the things that we have been doing this holiday season is going through our old toys.  We are selling some of them for a little bit of money to enjoy family things but we are also giving a lot of them away.  We are donating them locally to someone who is going to be making baskets for the less fortunate out of them.  We have a ton of things and my children always seem to be getting something new so it is nice to see our toy piles dwindling so I do not feel like they are too spoiled when they are getting new things for the holidays.

**Allow Them to Ask for One Thing

I always laugh when I see the Santa Claus lists that are filled with items.  This year we will allow our children to write letters to Santa and to ask for one thing.  This is a great way for them to be able to get the one thing that they want and we can usually always afford one gift.  It is also a great way for us to avoid having to try and buy a ton of things for our children which would make them unappreciative.

**Spoil Them With Love and Time Not Things

I am slowly learning that it is so important to shower your children with love and attention.  It is really the time that you spend with them that matters and not what you are buying for them.  I think today that this is harder as many times both parents work full time and feel like they do not get to spend enough time with their children.

**Teach Them About Others

It is also important to teach them about how others might not have as much as them.  I will admit that some people make it really hard for us other parents.  Parents who buy their children a ton of things or $500 items really do make it tough for the rest of us to be able to buy our children things from “Santa” too.  Let’s keep things simple and think about others who are in need and if you must buy some outrageously expensive item why not give it to your child from you.

**Help Them Learn the Meaning of the Holidays

The Nativity Set from North Star Toys is really one toy that can help you to be able to really teach your child about the story of Christmas.  This is the story that most people are trying to erase during the season because it speaks against the mass consumerism that most people want to perpetuate.  I love buying and receiving great gifts but spending time with my family is the most important part of the season.