Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Honeycat Cosmetics Let You Bathe in Deliciousness


Do you love to take a bath and relax?  Do you long for the most luxurious bath products?  If you do then Honeycat Cosmetics are going to be the products that you want under the tree. They are a great gift for any woman because their line offers the bath and body products that you want to use.

honeycat cosmetics

I honestly believe that there is a perfect gift from Honeycat Cosmetics for EVERY woman on your Christmas list this holiday season.  You can see what the company has to offer from the amazing list below where I share with you some of the women on my list and the Honeycat Cosmetics that I am going to be giving them.

For the Chocolate Lover

honeycat 6

We all have that one friend who LOVES chocolate.  In my circle I am definitely that friend.  I love chocolate and chocolate goodies so much.  I even find it easy to be on a diet when it includes drinking a chocolate shake a few times a day.  If you are like me than the Chocolate Bath Melt Treats ($20) are sure to please.  I love mine and use them all of the time.  In fact I was just telling my husband that my baths were not going to be quite as soothing when these are gone.  These really do smell just like chocolate truffles which make me feel like I am bathing in luxury.

honeycat 5

For the Tween

Tweens are SOOOO hard to shop for!! Right?  I mean, they are not old enough for teenage stuff, are too old for kids stuff and seem to be caught in the middle of everything!  I find that many tween girls love getting yummy smelling bath and body goodies.  The Vanilla Cream Grooming Bar ($6) is the perfect gift option for the tween in your life.  While I have not personally owned this one I am sure if it is anything like any of the products that I have owned that it is sure to smell amazing.

For Your Favorite Teen

Teenagers are also very difficult to buy for.  I never think of myself as old until I have to go shopping for gifts for teenagers.  I feel like I am so out of touch with what is cool.  The Oops! Pack ($20) is the perfect choice of gift for that special teen in your life. (Just share with her that she might not want to take all of the pieces out in front of everyone as that might be a little bit embarrassing!)  The Oops! Pack is a collection of 1 disposable panty, 1 disposable cloth towel, 1 panty liner, 1 tampon, and a 2 oz bottle of “Kleen Kitty” feminine wash.

For Your Child’s Teacher

honeycat 2

My five year old is VERY active and he is part of an overly active preschool class.  I have been in there to help and do it and I do not know how these sweet ladies make it all day long.  So when I was trying to put together Christmas baskets for them I knew that I wanted a special treat that would help them to forget about their longer days.  I was excited to receive the Amenity Kit-ty ($30) set because I thought that it was cute and I knew just who I would gift it to this holiday season.

honeycat 1

For Your Mom

Who doesn’t love the idea of giving their mom a little something to help her relax?  I might be partial to these types of gifts because I think that my mom always needs to relax (just kidding, mom!).  Even though my mom is not a “single lady” I would LOVE to give her the All The Single Ladies Gift Set ($45).  This gift set is adorable and it has EVERYTHING that you could want.  It includes the amazing chocolate melts that I received, foot cream, bubble bath, a candle, and edible body powder (I will admit that thinking about giving this item to my mom kind of makes me giggle and I would probably just pluck this one out for myself!).

For Your Grandma

honeycat 4

I was also sent the Chick of the Sea Gift Set ($20).  This gift set is a steal and so cute too.  I think that it is a gift that any grandma would LOVE to have!  The set comes with a washcloth, candle and bubble bath.  Not only is it cute but it is a great set to allow that special someone in your life some time to relax.

honeycat 3

For Your Survivor

My aunt is a breast cancer survivor so when I saw the Purr for a Cure Gift Set ($30) I knew that it would be perfect for her and other survivors.  This gift set gives that special survivor in your life some treats that allow her to pamper herself.  The kit comes with bubble bath, a candle, a bar of soap and wash cloth.  A nice long bath can have many soothing qualities for your body and your soul.

For Your Girlfriend

Looking for something for that special lady in your life?  There are so many great bath and body products from Honeycat Cosmetics but there are also some great lingerie pieces.  I am obsessed with the Honeycat Lace Panties ($20) and the Honeycat Lace Tank ($20).  Both of these are so cute and I think that they would be comfy and fun to wear to bed at night.