Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Hip Mama Wrap


So I have to admit that I am still just a tad bit obsessed with babywearing.  Adeline is almost three and I still wear her on a regular basis.  Huxley and Althea are 5 and 6 and sometimes I even find myself wearing one of them.  They are all small for their age so it is not hard to wear any of them.  One of the things that I think every pregnant woman or new mom needs this holiday season is a great wrap so that they wear their baby.

hip baby wrap

I love so many things about babywearing but what is most important to me is how it can help you to bond with your child.  Hip Baby Wrap offers beautiful woven wraps with a fringed end.  I love this wrap so much!  It is just gorgeous in person!!

hip baby wrap 1

Benefits of Babywearing —

Babies Will Cry Less

Babies that are worn tend to cry a lot less than babies that are not worn.  This is because a baby that is being worn gets to experience more comfort from his or her mom than a baby who is not being worn.

Babies Will Learn More

In scientific studies of babies who are worn vs babies who are not worn, the ones who are worn are able to learn more.  They learn at a quicker rate too!

Babies Will be More Organized

One of the suggestions is that babies should be in a sling or wrap for the first 9 months of life.  This is because that is a special time of bonding and development for your baby.  If a baby is worn during this time then they are going to have better organization skills as they get older.

Babies Humanize the World Earlier

It is thought that the reason that babies learn more when they are worn is because they humanize the world faster.  They see what the mom and dad see which makes them more alert and aware of what is going on around them.

Babies are Smarter

Babies who are worn are smarter than babies who are not worn.  They do better in school and really have a better grasp on many different things in life.

hip baby wrap 2

So when you are trying to determine what the best gift is going to be for a new parent or for a pregnant friend, why not check out a Hip Baby Wrap as they are bound to offer them a great way to be able to bond and encourage their baby to grow.

I borrowed the action shot from the website since I just got this one in the mail today.  We are pretty busy around here and the little miss does not want to be worn right now but I really wanted to get the post up!