Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Green Toys


I love being able to find toys that I can feel confident with my children playing with.  So many toy dishes and tea sets  are made out of plastic.  This is really scary when you think about all of the different toxins that are contained in the materials.  I love that I can serve up play food with Green Toys and be confident.  I do not have to worry about anything negative happening as a consequence of my child snacking out of her play dishes or drinking out of the cups.

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So I thought that I would share some tips for choosing toy dishes with you.  The Green Toys Cookware and Dining Set ($44.98)  is a great choice for anyone who wants to have a high quality kitchen set for their child.

green toys

Know What the Toys are Made Out of

The first thing that you can do to ensure that your child has safe toys is to know what type of material your toys ore made out of.  Look where the toys are made and manufactured and know if certain materials from those countries are deemed to be unsafe.

Make Sure Toys Can Easily Be Washed

Check out the toys and make sure that you can properly wash them.  This is something that is simple for you if you know what to look for.

Avoid Toy Dishes that Are Painted

This does not mean that you have to buy boring or plain dishes but instead you should make sure that you know what the toys are made out of.  The dishes that we received from green toys are colorful and fun and they are something that Adeline is going to love playing with in her new kitchen.  I do not have to worry about her eating off of them either because they are completely safe.

Look for Non-Toxic Labels

All Green Toys are non-toxic.  You can easily identify this when you are shopping by looking for the labels on the things that you are purchasing.

No matter what you are are shopping for this holiday season you will want to make sure that you choose something that is going to be safe for your children to play with.