Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Chatsters Gabby Doll


I will admit that I think that I am more excited to play with Gabby than my daughter is….well, maybe not.  In fact there is no way!  I know that I am excited but she screams and jumps up and down every single time that the Chatsters commercial comes on the TV.  I wanted to break Gabby out of her box and play with her right away but have decided to wait until after Christmas since she is a gift for my daughter and there is no way that I could package her the same.

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Spin Master Toys has really done it again when they created Gabby!  This toy is really unlike anything that I have ever seen before and is sure to be a great time when we are able to open her and check her out.  The best part is that there are so many different ways in which you can play with her!

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Since there are so many fun and interactive ways to play with Gabby I thought that I would share with you a few different ways in which your daughter can be entertained by her.

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5 Things Your Daughter Will Love Doing with Gabby

1.  Your daughter will be able to really interact with Gabby.  She is not just another doll because she talks, sings, dances and interacts in ways that I have honestly never seen until now!  There are special accessories that she has and each one has a microchip so that she can fully interact with them.

2.  It will seem as though your daughter is talking to a new friend.  One of the best features with the Chatsters doll is that it is completely interactive with LCD screens for eyes.  This means that her eyes open and close and move around when she is talking, just like yours would.

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3.  You daughter will play games with Gabby.  Through the LCD screens on her eyes your daughter will be able to play mini games.  In addition to that your daughter will be able to play games through an app on her phone.

4.  She can actually talk on the phone with Gabby.  That’s right on her iPod app she will be able to talk to Gabby just like she would her friends.  This is one of the things that I am most looking forward to checking out with my daughter because it sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

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5.  Your daughter will love getting makeovers with Gabby.  There are a ton of great accessories that your daughter can use to interact and get involved with Gabby.

Choosing a great Christmas present for the little girls in your life was just made easy by Spin Master Toys with the Chatsters Gabby doll.  This is one toy that you might just be as impressed with as your daughter.