Holiday Gift Guide Feature — ALEX Toys The Perfect Kitchen for Your Child to Learn and Grow


So if you have been reading my blog for a while you probably already realize that I love ALEX Toys.  I love how innovative and fun their toys are as well as the quality standards that the company puts into making their toys.  I love being able to discover amazing brands like theirs which honestly features a little something for everyone.

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For this review I was very lucky to be able to check out toys that are going to be part of Adeline’s Christmas this year.  I am so excited about theses toys for a number of reasons.  One is that this kitchen is the perfect size to fit inside of her playhouse that we have in the living room that Santa brought her last year.  The other is that she loves playing with kitchens but the one we had before is too big to fit in our living room which is where she prefers to play.

alex kitchen 3

The ALEX Toys In My Kitchen ($87.95) toy is the perfect small sized toy kitchen for your child. I am having such a hard time not breaking this one out of the box and giving it to her right now.  I just know that she is going to be so excited to have it!

alex kitchen 1

I also received the Super Baking Set ($31.95) and am so excited to watch her play with this as well.  She will be able to play in her kitchen and really enjoy cooking and baking with the toys that she received.  I envision hours of fun and this being a great way for us to play and bond together.  I also can see her bringing her toys into the kitchen while I am cooking which is going to be great because she will be entertained while I work.

alex kitchen 2

Finally I received the Deluxe Gourmet Cooking Set ($43.95).  This is a great set of cookware for your child to enjoy their playtime with.  There is everything that you need for your child to be able to enjoy playing like they are creating a meal.  I love the cute pink color too and know that my child is going to enjoy it as much as I enjoy checking it out with her.

In celebration of creating a great play kitchen for your child I would like to share some reasons why cooking with your child is important.

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Teach Creation

Your child is going to learn about creating things that they can eat or use in life when you cook with them.

Connect with Your Child

Cooking together is a great way to build your relationship and connect with your child.

Give Your Child a Sense of Purpose

Children who are allowed to cook a meal a week or part of the meal feel like they have a specific purpose in their family.

They Get a Feeling of Pride and Accomplishment

Your child is going to feel a sense of pride when they have cooked something for you.  In addition they will feel accomplished.

Help Your Child Try New Things

If your child helps you to prepare something new they are going to be more likely to try it than if you were to put it on their plate.

Give Your Child New Experiences

Cooking together will give your child a lot of new experiences.

New Skills

They will also gain a lot of new skills that they will need throughout their lifetime.

Quality Time for Families

It is also important that your child has quality time with your family.  This is the best way to do it.