Holiday Gift Guide Feature — ALEX Toys Has Everything You Need for Toddler Fun


I will admit that some of the hardest people to shop for in my life are toddlers.  This might sound odd but I really like for the kiddos that I buy gifts for to enjoy them.  I am always happy to check out the different types of toys that ALEX Toys offers and I love that they have so many great gifts for toddlers.

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I have found that there are some great things that you can consider when you are looking for the perfect gifts for the toddlers in your life.

Choose Items for That Inspire Creativity

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All little kids, even toddlers, love being able to create and make new things.  One of the best products that I have seen in a long time is the Tots Art Start ($16.95) has everything you need to be able to spend some time teaching your toddler how to create wonderful works of art.  The kit peel and stick collage boards which are an awesome way for your toddler to learn how they can make their own collages.  It also includes first crayons for your toddler to be able to check out and draw with.  There are a ton of stickers which all toddlers love being able to peel and play with.  I am excited to play with Adeline because doing stickers is one of her favorites.  In fact this morning she woke up and did some stickers while I was getting ready and I got to peel stickers out of her hair…fun times right there!!  The set also includes fringe, tissue paper, crinkly paper, and doilies that you can use to have a good time and create new things that you might not have seen before.  It is going to be a blast getting to create with Adeline with this set and it is one of the Christmas presents that I am most excited to check out with her.

Pick Up Some Great Art Supplies

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The Tots First Crayons ($2.95) can be picked up for just a penny right now if you purchase the Tots Art Start set that was mentioned above.  You will find that these crayons are shaped for your toddler to be able to hold onto easier.  For Adeline they are fun shapes that she will enjoy coloring with even more than she enjoys coloring right now….and I don’t have to worry about her snapping these crayons like she did other ones!

Help Them Stay Clean

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Toddlers don’t intend to make a big mess when they are doing things.  The problem is that they are not coordinated enough to stay clean.  Adeline LOVES to paint but it is always messy when she does.  The Finger Paint Paper and Tray ($21.95) will help you to keep things clean and neat while your little one is painting.  While this might not be the most exciting gift for Adeline it is certainly one that mommy is excited about and it means that she is going to get to paint more often than she currently does.

Choose Something Musical

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The other thing that toddlers love is banging on things to make noise.  The Musical Owl ($35.95) is a great toy for toddlers.  I know that Adeline is going to be excited when she sees this one under the tree.

Checking out toys for toddlers has just gotten a whole lot easier.  You are going to find that it is a great thing to be able to shop for all of the toddlers in your life with ALEX Toys.