Holiday Gift Guide Feature — ALEX Toys Can Help A Child Create a Sympony in the Tub!


Normal bath toys can be boring and might not be something that children are going to play with once they hit a certain age.  If you have children who are past the toddler years it can be hard to find the bath toys that they want to play with too.  I have found that ALEX Toys offers you some of the most creative bath toys on the market today.  They even have the toys that you need to create a symphony in your tub.

alex toys logo

The ALEX Toys Water Piano ($27.95) is one of the most fun bath toys that I have ever seen.  There are so many things that I love about this one and my kids were so excited to see it on our table tonight.  I plan on letting them play with it tomorrow when we are taking baths but I have a feeling that they are going to keep me busy taking baths for the next few weeks.  I love the cute frog design and that they are going to be able to do something musical while taking a bath.

alex piano

In addition to the piano we received the Tub Tunes Symphony ($43.95) which is a great collection of bath toys.  There are three instruments included in this set.  It features a drum, flute, and xylophone.  I am sure that my children are going to be making a lot of “beautiful” noise while they are taking baths now which will be a lot of fun for them.  I am going to enjoy being able to get them interested in playing with toys in the bath instead just splashing water at me.

alex symphony

Since I was reviewing bath toys I thought that I would share some tips for safe baths with you.

1.  Never leave your child unsupervised in a bath.

2. Don’t put your child in the bath while the water is running.

3. Make sure the bathroom is warm and that your child is not going to get chilled when getting out of the bath.  We sometimes put a small heater in our bathroom when it is extremely cold outside.

4. Use rubber bath mats or stickers on the bottom of the tub to keep your children from slipping.

5. Make sure the bath water is a comfortable temperature.  You do not want the to be too hot or too cold.

6. Do not overfill the bath.

7. Remember that it only takes an inch of water for a child to drown so you must supervise them the entire time that they are taking a bath.

8. Make sure your water heater is not set too hot.  Your child can sustain third degree burns in just 3 seconds if the water is scalding hot!

9. Keep handles off limits.

10. Do not have any electronics by the tub.