Holiday Gift Guide Feature — DigiPals


DigiPals is a great new innovative product on the market that is perfectly geared towards kids.  Anyone who has a child who wants or has electronics is going to find this handy little item to be a must in their homes.

digipals logo

DigiPals ($17.99 each) are unique electronics cases that actually double as screen cleaners for your child.  They perfectly fit small electronic devices and help to protect the screens when the items are packed as well.  Two of our children have iPod Touches and they will be getting one of these in their stockings this year.


Positive Things Your Child Gains from Electronics

**Scientists have proven that there are some advantages to children using electronic games.  Children who game on a regular basis are less distracted by outside stimuli, better at multi-tasking, have sharper vision, and sharper reaction times.

**Children who get a good mix of screen time and healthy exercise are just as healthy as children who have no screen time.  It is important to note that too much of anything can be a bad thing and that the key here is that children still need a healthy mix of the two.

**Screen time has been shown to foster a connection and closeness with peers.  This was done in a recent medical study.  This does not mean that your child should only communicate through screen time but rather that it can enhance and add to their relationships.