Crazy Black Friday Deals from Rosewe


As you all know I LOVE shopping!!  One of my favorite ways to shop is online.  I think that the reason that I love online shopping so much is because I live in a small town where there are not a lot of different options and I HATE wearing the same thing as everyone else.  So I tend to shop online at stores that we do not have in our area so that I can make sure that I am not going to show up somewhere in the same thing that someone else is wearing.

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Crazy Black Friday Deals Are Here

I love that Rosewe offers amazing and crazy “Black Friday” deals this year.  In fact you can save up to 80% off of their clothes.

Plus you get amazing additional discounts.  You can save an additional $5 off of $39 (sale5), $10 off of $69 (sale10) and $15 off of $99 (sale15).

Beautiful Dresses

vneck dress

I love so many of the dresses that Rosewe has to offer. The Charming V Neck Split Design Black Chiffon Dress ($14.09) is one of my favorites and a dress that I am sure that I would LOVE to own.  In fact it is just one of the many items on my personal Rosewe shopping list!

Something a Little Fancy

lace dress

If you want something that is a little fancier than Rosewe has that too.  My personal favorite is the Fine Quality A Line Design Navy Blue Dress ($21.28).  This dress is perfect for nicer events and at this price you won’t feel bad if you only wear it once.  However the great thing that I like about this dress is that you can do so much with it and you can definitely dress it down to be able to wear it more often.

Coats That Allow You to Have More Than One

black coat

When it comes to coats I generally only purchase one because they are so expensive.  I love that with the coats from Rosewe that I could afford to buy more than  one.  I am in LOVE with the Trendy Long Sleeve Turndown Collar Solid Black Coat ($28.74).  I think that this is an adorable coat and one that you could wear dressed up or down.

elegant coat

I also love the Elegant Black Long Sleeve Woolen Coats with Turndown Collar ($30.50)…

trench coat

…and the Charming Single Breasted Long Sleeve Trench Coat Black ($22.78).

Shirts to Love

fake two piece

Finding shirts at a cheap price generally means that you are not going to be able to have great detailing.  The Trendy Fake Two Piece Design Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($21.77).  The Chic Long Sleeve Round Neck Solid Black Sweaters ($41.50) is another one that is going to be added to my list.

long sleeve sweater

Fun Pants Too!

spring essential

Don’t worry Rosewe can get you into some great trendy pants too.  The Spring Essentials High Waist Black Leggings for Girls ($14.39) are on trend and look great on too!  I also love the Charming PU Patchwork Solid Black Middle Waist Leggings ($14.35).