Aladdin Makes It Easy to Drink Your Water


I will admit that I attempt to drink the water that I am supposed to but most of the time I fail miserably!  I struggle with drinking the amount that I am supposed to daily.  I have found that some products really do seem to help me with my struggles and some of the best are the products from Aladdin.

aladdin logo

Aladdin really makes some great items that are not only fun for you to carry but are practical and make it easier for even the most non-water drinker to drink the water that they are supposed to.


A while back I was sent this awesome package of Aladdin bottles to check out.  I like each one of them for a different reason.

Tired of Drinking Hot Water

aladdin mason jar

I hate it when my water gets hot!  Since I am slow water drinker this happens every single day.  I find that when I use the Aladdin Insulated Mason Tumbler that I actually have water that stays cold and ice that does not melt right away.  This is a nice change since many of the products that I am used to do not work as well as this cup does.  I love the bright color as well and think that it is fun to carry with me.  Since mason jar cups are the trend right now this makes this cup perfect for the trends and times as well.

Sick of Plain Water

aladdin infuser

Another thing that I hate is having water that has no flavor to it at all. Now this does not mean that I want artificial flavoring put in my water either.  In fact most artificial water flavors do not taste that good to me.  So I find that the Infuse Water Bottle 24 oz is the perfect way to get delicious natural flavors into my water.  You just put fruits or herbs into your infuser and let it float in the water.  I love mixing raspberry and mint!  Yummy!

Want to Save Money on Bottled Water on the Go?

aladdin bottle

I use a ton of water bottles especially when we are traveling.  Aladdin sent me the Cafe to Go Water Bottle in Jam and I really love it.  The color is great and the fact that it seals completely shut is also awesome!  It is the one water bottle that I never leave home without now.

Being able to drink more water is important to my health.  I love how Aladdin products have helped me to improve the quality of my life and get more water into my diet.