Tips to Find the HOTTEST Accesories


As winter months draw closer I will admit that I start to become depressed from time to time.  One of the things that I often do to help myself get out of a funk is try to dress up and put on great accessories even when I do not feel like it.

Recently I was given the opportunity to be able to review some amazing jewelry pieces from the Vera Wang Simply Vera Collection.  I will admit that I love Vera Wang and have been obsessed with her lines long before this affordable one came to Kohls.

I thought that I would share with you my tips for finding the best accessories for fall.

Tip 1 –Find Something Unique

V Jewelry 4

I have a little bit of an obsession with bracelets.  I love unique bracelets and this is a great choice.  It looks like so many different materials have been mushed together to describe.  It even has a thin strand that reminds me of a necklace.  As a bracelet lover it is hard to find one that I wear all of the time since I have so many but I catch myself reaching for this one more often.

Tip 2 — Sometimes Bigger is Better

V Jewelry 2

Choosing something that is big and chunky can be a challenge but this awesome necklace from Vera Wang’s Simply Vera collection makes it easy.  I love this adorable necklace and how chunky it is on.  I get so many compliments each time that I wear it too!  The Multi Strand Necklace (RV $34) is a true statement piece that is fun to wear!

Tip 3 — Sometimes It Isn’t

V Jewelry 1

There are times when it is going to be perfect to choose something that is small.  The Simply Vera Flower Post Earrings (RV $14) are the perfect small accessory for nights or days when you want to be understated.  They are still a gorgeous pair of earrings but they are a little more understated than other choices out there.

Tip 4 — Choose Something that Will Really Brighten Your World

V Jewelry 5

I love bright and sparkly pieces of jewelry and I love bracelets.  So when I saw the Simply Vera Bead Stretch Bracelet (RV $26) I was so excited.  This was just the type of bling that was perfect to lift my moods during those dreary fall and winter days.

Tip 5 –Pick a Fashion Trend and Go For It

V Jewelry 3

One of the hottest trends this fashion season is dangling earrings.  Vera Wang’s Simply Vera Drop Earrings (RV $14) are a perfect example of this trend.  Imagine how beautiful you will feel wearing these stunning earrings that are sure to bring you all of the right type of attention that you desire.