Love Unique Hand Crafted Items? 9th and Elm is Your New Place to Shop


I love unique hand crafted items. I want something different that everyone else is not going to have or is not going to be wearing. So I seek out these types of places. I was very excited to have stumbled upon 9th and Elm and even more excited when they wanted to work with me.
I was given a gift card and I found the shopping experience to be fun and that there were so many items that I could find within any price range. I was able to order 2 bracelets, a necklace, and a shirt for $70.

9th and elm shirt

I got the cutest tank top. It is called the Shannon Tank in Greens and was just $26. It is so unique, cute and offered me something to wear when I did not feel like I had anything else to wear. It was a go to piece for me this summer and I know that it is going to easily go into the fall and winter with a sweater or jacket.

I had also ordered the adorable Emergence Brass Layered Necklace for $21. It was very unique and cute and would have fit nicely with the neckline of the top. I was later informed that this item had been oversold and was promptly credited for the necklace. To be honest I have not been well lately so I have not found the time to shop and check out what else they have to offer. I am sure that I will be checking it out sometime soon.

9th and elm bracelet

(I chose to show this stock photo that shows the different styles of beaded bracelets that are available from Lily and Laura so that you can see more a variety than what I purchased.  I purchased the one on the bottom row that is 4th from the left and I really do love it!)

There were two bracelets that I picked out to wear when I was wearing this shirt. I chose the Lily and Laura beaded bracelet. I picked out one that had the exact shades of green of the shirt in the pattern.

9th and elm infinity

I also chose the Infinity Bangle because I fell in love with its simplicity and charm.
Tips to Find Unique Hand-Made Items
Find a Reliable Place to Shop
One of the things that I love about 9th and Elm is that it is reliable. You can trust when you shop there that you are going to get the great handmade items that you love without any issues. If there is a problem the customer service is great to work with. I actually had ordered an item that did not come in but it was not really a problem because the company emailed me and promptly credited my account. I can’t wait to see what I pick out next from 9th and Elm and how much I enjoy it.


Look for Items that Fit with Your Style

There are so many items that I see when I am shopping that I want.  However not all of these items are right for me.  Just because something is cute and I like it does not mean that I would actually wear it.  I would not be able to get any use out of something that is not a part of my style no matter how cute I think that it is.


Choose Perfect Pieces for Others

Finally if you are shopping for others the key is to make sure that you are choosing items that represent them.  Think about the things that they would love and make sure that you choose those things.  Do not try to choose things that are a part of your own personal style for the loved ones in your life.